3rd time uninstalling


3rd time I’m uninstalling due to other players. This includes multiple issues; Players disconnecting and leaving games, Players playing heroes that are not compatible with the team or instant locking without consideration, Players taking heroes they dont know how to play ,ie; Malfurion being picked in my second last game to date … being chosen and the players excuse is “He was forced to take it no one else took a healer” when no one speaks or says anything pre game in drafting… Horribly bad excuse in my opinion, id happily fill the spot. Players I’ve reported / blocked still coming up in my games. Players in Gold league (my current) being placed there because of some lucky games from there first placements ever and then playing for “Fun”. I play for fun, but theres no fun in losing especially when your on a gold promotion to Platinum for the first time in your HOTS play time (3 years). Placement games were won 9 out of 10 , and Im still placed in Gold2 even though I was gold 2 last season ? Makes 0 sense to try grind up over and over again , just to lose 10 in a row from people that cant play. Rant over , but I hope blizzard takes something from this , its to easy for the average player to get into Ranked games and its killing the player base.


I kinda agree with this post.

i won 8/10 and i was placed gold V, be happy m8, ive climbed from that to plat V now. Everytime i see people insta prepicking Kael, KTZ, Valla, Jaina (even if they pick the hero, they dont even know how to play the hero/pick talents, THE FCKING EASIEST HEROES EVER MADE), i know its gonna be loss or rarely a win by enemy team throwing.

The problem is people come from quickmatch to rankeds and dont expect to be counterpicked at all, or just simply dont care (omg ive won so many times with jaina, it must be good in rankeds aswell, inb4 getting rekt by genji or maiev).

Also people not picking healer/tank. I kinda understand why people do that since like myself, i like to think that i know how to play my role the best. But still, i like to stall with my pick, to counter enemy team or first pick heroes like diablo/malganis or hanzo if noone has prepicked dps yet.


Placement matches are not a free boosting service.
It places you based on your previous rating.

You have to earn your ranks.
Cant climb? Good, you dont belong there then.


Theres a huge difference between being able to climb , and being stuck with a horrible comp every second game with people who lock in for 0 reason. You seem like the type of troll who hit plat off on a good strike and probably thinks hes worth dia. Thanks for the troll though , giggled a bit.


well if ur teamcomp sux then u can also play around it…
i also had ranked games with 3-4 assas and 1-2 specs and we won somehow…
just dont expect that this works at higher lvls


Yeah man , ive had 5 dps locked and still won aswell , but the simple thing is unless you play alot of time in day you cant ever really progress very easily which such idiots in the game constantly.


Are you programmed to put that EXACT reply whenever people venting about ranked stuff? This reply model was not your first. Somehow, I know you(From other threads). lmao


Xul, stop this necromancy.

The thread was resting in peace already.


If the system gave personal performance rank points, i am positive i was at a higher rank then where i am at the moment. same goes for many other players i know - on both ways (rank up \ down).
But the system dosent make sense, because it gives you \ take away points only of your WHOLE team won or lost… that dosent make any sense , how can one player climb if his rank points goes up or down depending on things he have no control over ?


At the very least you have control over 10% of the game. If you try , you can influence about 50% of the game if you double soak and take camps.