4 stack smurfs with 90% win rates HELLO BLIZZARD!

Smurfs is a part of the game… but 4 staking smurfs with 90% winrates in silver… and i meet them like 2 times in a row. in few days time… i play ussualy once or twice a day.

4 stack smurfs with 90% winrates. HELLO BLIZZARD !!! wtf is this s##t seriuosly… i knows its half dead game and people are just bored and smurf for some s####d achievements but when its to much ? because u cant even actually report them cause there is no report for smurfing or boosting.
P.S oh my god u ant even write s$$t in forums :smiley: guess blizzard is all about kids now and rainbows and and and and what else ?

blizard actualy employes only imbe.cils (its cheaper) so dont count to any changes…

true. game is faking dead. this season is the worst. smurfs everywhere … tho my smurfs autist with 60% winrate enemies with 90% , damn this game rly helps to kill some 20 30 minits when i am bored and have nothing to do… but its to much… UNINSTALL and i sugest u the same stop with this smurfing kingdom.

admins IDIO.TS banning 90%community for just using chat (does not matter what you write there). so 90% community smurfing :slight_smile:
until blizard employe apes there is no chance to better game.

drafting system this game is not radnom and is not working with MMR. If you play 1 game with troll, or super-idiot as your teammate (if can call him allie???)… did you notice that he will by your team next match and another one? never opositive team. I try it about 1000 times and 1000 times I must play with him 2-4 times a raw.
gg blizard imbec.ils - you ready destroyed this game. you can turn off servers and stop humiliate self more