A special place in hell for GMs with silver smurfs in TL


Hi there,

I don’t know why I write this, because I don’t think anything will change, but in name of venting, here goes my opinion:

I believe (Grand-) Master players who queue up with silver smurfs deserve a special place in hell. They actively manipulate the bad enough matchmaking to gain favorable match-ups for them, and contribute to the downfall of this game.

Me and my other 3 buddies are Dia-Plat and just won 3 games in a row, and then Blizz matchmaking decides that we needed a challenge.
BAM: a full 5-man team with 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 2 grandmasters (around rank 30)…
We gave it our best, but were not surprised to be outmatched… After the loss, we queued up again, and the same match-up came…

It’s just very sad that this sort of behavior is not prevented by Blizz. Maybe don’t allow GM/Masters to queue up with people lower than Diamond?

For me it’s just unethical, and I don’t see the appeal if I were a GM to stomp people from lower ranks… I mean where’s the challenge? And as I said earlier, it frustrates people like me, driving even more players away from this game :frowning:

I hope you had fun stomping us, Xbat and kickya… You really deserved that GM title… smh :wink:

Oh well.
It is what it is…

PS: Would love to know your guys’ opinion and experience on this


If you got burned once then why don’t you wait until they get into a game and then enter the queue ?

And they mostly win because your team is worse than they should be ! The masters and gm do have skill but it isn’t like you couldn’t beat them.


they dont always have a choice you know… maybe they were silver TL like 10 seasons ago, then played HL all the time and became GM but now that TL is changed they come over to play there… or they are playing with friends. they cant change their rank :stuck_out_tongue:


Some HL GMs also never played TL before and with the new rules as they place for the first time theyre capped with the seed cap of Gold or whatever it is in TL.


I’ve experienced the same thing in TL @ChaiyaPapaya, dont know why they do it, super lame.

Shady, your argument is kinda irrelevant, if they have smurf friends why dont they just join normal gold games and rank up instead of ruining games for others? They know what they are doing and do it anyway.


Maybe they just simply play with their friends? I found it hard to believe that those GM’s is doing it only because they wanna raise their rank points or get some favorable match-ups. If they are able to get that level (GM), they don’t need to do any tricks in TL. And usually GM players rather play with other masters and GMs for the sake of quality games. At least I rather play with masters for good games, but sometimes I play with some of my lower ranked friends, because they are my friends :slight_smile: