A Thank You note


This message goes out to all the people employed by Blizzard behind Heroes of the Storm who are helping it in any way and to all you players:

I praise you!

You have my thanks along with my best wishes

You people keep this game alive!

Despite all the annoying rumors this game is still going strong and I hope you continue to keep it this way

Never give up

And never surrender

This is an amazing game

Believe no one that tells you otherwise

I will tell you a story about myself:

I used to be a Dota 2 player who had no idea this game even existed

The people behind Dota 2 changed the game so much it turned into something I couldn’t enjoy

So I stopped playing

But I was heartbroken because I had good memories of the game that I treasure

Wishing things could go back to the way they used to be but also knowing that they wouldn’t

Years went on like this until my friend recommended Heroes of the Storm to me

I was unwilling to start playing a whole new game at first because I was still very much bitter over how a beloved game of mine had changed into something I couldn’t enjoy

I worried that if I started playing something new then it would change too

But because I cared for my friend I gave Heroes of the Storm a try and it was one of my best decisions

And while this game has changed from when I first started playing

I can honestly say that it is still the same game I love

Playing this game filled the hole in my heart that Dota 2 left behind and then it did so much more by letting me make new memories while experiencing new things

I fell in love again when I thought I no longer had it in me

If I had to compare them both in one simple sentence:

Heroes of the Storm is simply more fun than Dota 2

And I was never one to complain about the complexity of Dota 2 because that was part of what I enjoyed

A lot of people would take one look at Heroes of the Storm and say that it was too easy

I will believe those people if they say that after reaching Grand Master in Heroes of the Storm

I feel like this game has absolutely no lack of depth as reflexes and dexterity are highly rewarded

I hope this part of the game only gets better

And that you continue to cater to all kinds of people just like you have been doing all along

I even feel that the Europe Region has more life in it when it comes to both the players and the people handling things behind the scenes

So keep being the awesome people that you are

A question for you:

Do all Blizzard characters come to The Nexus when their time is up?


I’d like to think so! XD

If you love this game and want someone to play with please feel free to add me:


I play in The Europe Region and I also love taking the time to dive into conversations about Blizzard Lore

I think the Diablo characters in this game are especially great

I hope to one day take the time to play all three main games in the franchise

The voice acting of Imperius is amazing by the way

Have you seen this video of him:


It’s so good! XD

It makes me so happy to see people taking the time to appreciate the game and taking it a step further by sharing that with everyone

Keep up the good work all of you

We may have fallen on tough times but I promise you there is light at the end of this tunnel

So please do your best to be kind and not make enemies of one another

Do not let the real life Lords of Hatred win!

Try and see if those Mephistoes have a good side to them instead

And don’t make excuses or reasons up for why you can’t do it

Because even our Lord of Hatred himself had good things about him!

We are all in this together as part of one big team

We need each other!

So please be good to one other

And please take care of yourselves too