Aba Level 13 Ideas


Since Abathur gets a semi-rework, I thought just dropping this ol’ wall of text I had written here! But since it doesn’t fit, here’s just some level 13 ideas.

That’s all, byeee

Level 13 – Heroic & Locust Buffs

Bombard Strain: Your Ultimate Evolution or Symbiote when used on your Monstrosity gain 10% Spell Power. Locusts gain a long-ranged siege attack that deals 50% more damage.

Hunter Strain: Your heroic summons gain an additional 10% Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed. Locusts gain 30% Movement and Attack speed while near enemies.

Assault Strain: Your heroic summons deal 100 damage to nearby enemies every 3 seconds and when they die. Locusts explode for 100 damage when they die.