ActiBlizz needs a new PR team


Like really, what are you guys doing?

  • First failure with Diablo Immortal announcement without any follow-up PC related announcement…
  • Then cancellation of HGC + shrinking dev team without a single positive announcement regarding the game (they released a small one several days after)
  • Afterwards you send out surveys to HS players asking them if they would continue playing if there are no official tournaments supported by Blizzard
  • Then whole this issue of employee leaving Blizz due to racism followed by other ex-employees basically saying “no surprise”
  • And now you just give $15 million to a new CFO. Because games are expensive and you need to cut costs. Wow.

If you want us to believe that you still mean it seriously with HotS and that you won’t cancel it once you run out of already made content, you seriously need to improve your PR. Because everything you do screams DO NOT SPEND MORE MONEY, GAME IS GOING TO BE CLOSED right now.

Would link all the related things, but apparently my forum trust level is low, so just google it guys. It’s all out there waiting for you :smiley:


Im Brutalnot btw this mine alt account! :slight_smile:
They have new Game Director of HoST…from avarage 2.months ago time. And Bax…what you want more from Diablo?! The over 18 years! Almost everything is done for PC or is exhausted already!.They decide for android ,beacause gamer companys earn bilion money ( totall, all game companys). And they not have different option. And they can allow or support Android /PC emulator program to be played on PC/Laptops!And HoST still have future if be change many stuffs,like MM,mechanics. I too care a lot for HoST,that why i spam the best new versiones MM, MMR,mechanics. Trust me,if i work for HoST would be a lot changed and improved!.:slight_smile: You can search all mine topics,replys! :slight_smile: And this new Leader Game Director ( i didnt find some info ,google it already, maybe is Kaeo Miler. I hope so he change everything. Yes, its long time for work,a.teast this year complete and add it in future patches. Btw Bax by secret i command his minds or ideas.! :wink:This year would a lot different.! :slight_smile: Trust me! :slight_smile:

Make heroes of the storm most epic game in gameing history this year!(updated versione.!)

First my thought about this $15 mio bonus was that it is a joke… My trust is not low, I loved Bliz but I don’t want to support Activision


I don’t think there’s a PR team on the planet that can make actiblizz seem rational right now without resorting to brainwashing or some kind of sci-fi thought controll.

As it stands it seems the company is being run by a lot of marketing people rather than anyone with genuine interest in gaming as an actual hobby. We know a lot of the blizz developers play mobile games, and we know most mobile games have effectively devolved to mind-rot that’s constantly asking for money. Hardly surprising that their games are turning into the same.

Then there’s the hiring of the CFO, there’s a bit more nuance in the way that bonus is getting paid but at least $10 million is upfront, and this is supposedly in an age where they’re trying to cut costs and have paid to have hundreds of employees quit. It seems the executives at actiblizz are living on a different planet from the rest of us.

The thing is the problems also extend beyond the blizzard portion of this, they lost Destiny 2 to bungie but truth be told I don’t think Actiblizz is even capable of running a successful MMO right now. Their focus is too short sighted, and if wow is anything to go by they don’t have the depth of imagination either.

On top of that, when Actiblizz and bungie split, the bungie employees cheered. The gaming community at large cheered. I cheered and I don’t even play any bungie games. Actiblizz is a massive publisher in the gaming industry, with dozens if not hundreds of well-loved game IP’s to their name and there doesn’t seem to be a single soul on the planet that actually wants them to succeed. This shouldn’t be the case, surely if the publisher is doing a decent job you’d expect at least begrudged support from the playerbase simply for releasing popular games.

But they have messed up even that. COD BLOPS 4 was a financial failure for actiblizz despite making $500 million in 3 days of release. Actiblizz at a fundamental level seems stuck in some eternal, financial hell where you always need to exceed the previous year, and at some point you just won’t and the whole house of cards comes crumbling down.

I don’t see actiblizz starting any new, successful IP even if they decided to try, as they simply don’t have the ability to make a great game at the moment with the financial noose being tied the way it is around the developers.

Ok sorry for long post.


PC community has been given the finger over last handful of years slowly. It culminated with 2018’s events and Blizzcon. Allen Adham clearly stated that they will as a company going forward focus on mobile games rather than PC games, they will use their best developers for it. Announced their joined forces with NetEase to establish themselves in the Chinese/Asian marked.

It basically translates to NA+EU PC gamers getting tossed into the garbage bin for profits sake on microtransaction mobile games and new marked. Existing regions and platforms do not generate enough money for their shareholders. So a big shift is needed if the company wants to grow. How much money do you get out of a rag-tag MOBA game like HotS? 1m active subs in WoW in BFA? Diablo dead, SC dead, OW community angry, HotS has already peaked and entire top-developers left to make a new Studio, so now that profittrain just hit its last station.

So yeah, we got woke as a community, showed it, and then the company exposes its plans, so those in denial can even just read it as plain text. We are not making them enough money, so /kick PC gamers, /invite mobile gamers. “Small indie company”, “from gamers to gamers”, “Soon^TM”, all the good quotes are text in a library archive.

Just jump ship.