Always Minus Personal Rank Adjustment


I started to play team league new. I played more than 70 games and 72% winrate but i still get minus personal rank adjustment. Please make it right. Its getting hard to climb the leagues with minuses


I hate more than 500 games played, i was i silver 2 and now been demoted to bronze 5, i still get between -5 and -10 in personal rank adjustment, i have no clue why this happens and i would like to know why.


u will neve rknow why, blizzard wants to make u lose thats why. i had the same, only wins, and i would each time get min personal rating, u know what happened next, i just kept losing, lost my motivation, couldnt get higher in rank anymore. each time i win i get - points each time i win i get 189-199 points, its useless its like trying to fight the system. which means in the end u will lose, no metter how much u win, few losses and ur back to square 1 f@ck this game


I get minus rank for babysitting bronzes in HL while i’m in gold.
First, why am I even paired with bronze 5 people ?
Second, why am I punished for babysitting people I did not ask to babysit ?