Anduin ultimate


Protected was already the dumbest thing in the game (after varitard, ofc), so what would blizzard do? Nerf it? Delete it? HAHAHAHA, we are talking about blizzard, ofc they release a hero who gives PROTECTED TO THE WHOLE TEAM (in a circle)… Give blizzard 2 more heroes and this game will be as bad as heartstone…


It is time for you to learn how to interrupt it. Very easy.


Teach me, smartass…


Ok. There are MANY heroes that can interrupt it. Few examples:

  • Mura Storm bolt
  • Johanna Condemn
  • KT E ebility
  • KTZ Chains
  • Falstad Gust
  • Imperius Q ability
  • Hanzos Arrow ult
  • Anub Q and E and R abilities
  • Murky’s octograb
  • Guldans fear
  • Sonyas Q ability

List goes on and on. Almost every hero in game has some sort of interrupt.

You are clearly new in game but I suggest you try vs ai and learn heroes first. It is extremely easy to counter once you learn how to play


Lucio can run up to him and interrupt the channel with Q.
Johanna can run up to him and cancel it with Condemn (W).

Dozens of heroes can instantly cancel Salvation.

Any ranged stun, root, knockback will cancel it.


I had a game against a kaelthas, a rewind muradin with haymaker and sonya with leap.
i had to wait until all 5 abilities were on CD to hope and get the ult off


Btw root wont cancel it


Just because someone it protected doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable to Crowd Control. a simple stun, knock back, sleep, silence, ETC

Learn how mechanics work before crying to the forums


As Player said he came here to learn, asked me to teach him. Job ia done now