Anduin Wrynn support Hero


How come we have Whitemane and don’t have Anduin Wrynn yet?


We will have Anduin, he will probably be the next hero due to the WoW’s newest expansion release. Along with some awesome looking WoW skins to other heroes such as Glenn, Jaina etc.

Also, Whitemane derserved to be in the game before the boy king anyway, she’s nostalgi and one of the iconic bosses in the game.


it’d be cool to have anduin as a multi-class like his father varian, being able to choose between shadow, holy and discipline each with a different skill set (disc would have penance where the others wouldnt) where his trait would be like a zeal kind of thing where half the damage of penance would go back to his allies… that. or they could add something unique to the hero where the talent you pick (probably at level 1) would give you an entire new set of talents for each spec


Anduin is becoming Paladin and thats why he will not join Nexus till that officially happens.

And kid version of him that is playable in Hearthstone~ is a terrible fail. That should be Velen since start and Velen should be a Holy Priest in HOTS as well~