Anduin Wrynn (universal, high complexity)


Anduin Wrynn
The ability of the Priest (support):
RING of LIGHT ( W) - after holding the ability for a couple of seconds, releases a stream of light that heals allies and teaches enemies a lesson;
THEFT of thought (E) imposes on the enemy dumbness;

The ability of the Appearance of the Darkness (killer):
PILLAR of DARKNESS (W) - releases at a medium distance from the Anduin pillar of darkness around which is applied periodic damage, if the pole gets out under the enemy, it will cause damage and stun;
WHIP of DARKNESS (E) - makes the wave front of the enemy. If the enemy was close to the Anduin, it would alienate middle-distance, if on average - it will slow down if far - will attract middle-distance;

The ability of the Appearance of the Paladin (tank):
CONSECRATED GROUND (Q) - sticks sword in the ground thereby giving the speed and armor for each hero hit both its own and foreign;
PUNCH HERO (W) - Anduin becomes stronger, gaining + 20% damage, + 10% attack speed. Every 3rd critical strike, each additional strike becomes stronger by 5% maximum shock - 9, if you have time to hit the ninth attack before the time runs out, the blow catches the enemy and adjacent enemies in a small radius for 2 seconds;
REDEMPTION (E) - deals fixed and periodic damage to the area, while maintaining it in the next 6 seconds, increases the range and damage over time, and after
the end dazzles everyone around.


Level 1

Kill 50 warriors
Kill 5 heroes
Pick up 20 areas

Reward 1-Increase mana and regeneration mana
Award 2 - Reducing the time rollback abilities
Award 3-Increased health and health regeneration
Award 4 - the execution of all tasks to enhance the abilities by 10 %.

(2) hero’s WILL – - all abilities have increased range;

Level 4-at this level, the player will select a class.
(1) R – the CHIEF PRIEST puts the dome in which all the allies, including the Anduin, restore HP in large volume;
(2) R is the image of DARKNESS Anduin is changing the face of the dark and gets other abilities;
(3) R – GAIN LIGHT gets debuff, reducing movement speed and attack. Anduin to become a part of the world and gets extra health and shield in the amount of 70% of their missing health.

Support Talents

Level 7
(1) Q – SHARE HEALER - heals 10% of HP healed Anduin from ally;
(2) E-MAIN IDEA-thought theft (also slows down);
(3) the ability of the Active LIGHT PEN: Throws the pen, which increases the movement speed of the one who picked it up.

Level 10
(1) W – CIRCLE of LIGHT - after using the ring of light Anduin gets invulnerability for 1 second;
(2) E-HEADACHE-thought theft deals damage over time;

Level 13
(1) W – a RING of LIGHT-increases movement speed;
(2) W - a RING LIGHT gives more armor;
(3) W – After using an ability, using it again.

Level 16
(1) Q - healing Wave HP goes again along the same path;
(2) Q - healing Wave is perpendicular to this KHP KHP;
(3) e-theft of THOUGHTS also triggers an explosion of mind in the enemy.

Level 20
(1) R - Increases healing done by dome;
(2) active WORD POWER ability: Increases an ally’s health by 20 % of their maximum health;
(3) an Active ability FOR the ALLIANCE: Gives enemies shields.

Assassin’s Talents

Level 7
(1) Q - every third ARROW of DARKNESS deals increased damage;
(2) q-arrow of DARKNESS slows down the enemy;
(3) E – the WHIP of DARKNESS deals damage over time.

Level 10
(1) Q-ARROW of DARKNESS passes through the enemy;
(2) e-the WHIP DARKNESS receives 2 weapons.

Level 13
(1) W - Around the POLE of DARKNESS, all enemies are slowed;
(2) W - Enemies take 2 times more damage if they get under it;
(3) W - Heals 5% health for each enemy around the pillar of DARKNESS , 10% if the pillar climbed under the enemy.

Level 16
(1) Q - shadow bolt also takes a 1.5 HP enemy;
(2) E-darkness WHIP deals more damage if hit by 2 enemies;
(3) W – pillar of DARKNESS explodes after 2 seconds and slows down enemies.

Level 20
(1) R – LICH KING – the APPEARANCE of DARKNESS is replaced by the appearance of a Lich, which gives armor. Now all auto attacks slow down and for each killed creep and the hero damage increases;
(2) an Active ability - the CURSE of ELUNE - all the healing that was supposed to get the opponent deals damage equal to half healing.

Tank Talents

Level 7
(1) Q - CONSECRATED GROUND is always on the allies, but in the amount of 50%;
(2) Q - if 2 or more enemies fall within the range of the ability, they slow down;
(3) Q-for each hero killed or war in the area of the abilities increases the time effects imposed by these circle;

Level 10
(1) W - If using PUNCH HERO kills the convict hero, leaves after his death the sanctification of the earth;
(2) E - if the target is blinded, the damage from Anduin is 25 % . For all other effects of control gets + 10% damage;

Level 13
(1) active light HAMMER ability: Throws a hammer at a specified enemy, dealing damage and stunning them;
(2) Passive ability DIVINE SHIELD: Places a shield on Anduin that blocks 600 damage. If it will break before the end of the action, he gains a shield equal to 200 units (every 3 auto attack from W reduces CD);
(3) Active TIMEOUT ability: Creates a small area where no one takes damage, but no ability CD goes and no health is restored.

Level 16
(1) W-Increase the number of strokes to 12;
(2) W - Every 3 basic attacks slow the target for 0.75 seconds;
(3) W - each 3 auto-attack ignites the target for 2 seconds, dealing 2.5% of maximum health damage;
(4) W - each 3 auto-attack restores 40% of health from damage.

Level 20
(1) R - Anduin and ally with the least health gets additional health and Shield is only weaker by 5%;
(2) Passive armor FITTING ability: Removes debuff overlays at the beginning of the game;
(3) W – increases attack and movement speed by 50% when activated.