Anub'Arak (notification/what did I miss)


Love to random… and got the AnubArak…
Beetle is his trait. (used to be where you turned on an off his beetle spawn had a mana cost.)

Level one skill… Legion of beetles.
"Beetles have 30 spell armor. Automatically spawn a beetle every 12 second.
Can be turned on an off… "

They key should be D… the beetle trait… but Theres nothing… no option no anything.

So is it a text that needs to be changed or did I miss something again?


Actually when I used to pick that talent in the past I have always found the on and off switch to be among the secondary ability buttons

The default hotkey is usually 1

I agree that making D the switch would be more appropriate since there are no talents or abilities that make use of the trait button for this hero