ARAM same hero across both teams

I haven’t met or played with a single person who enjoy when we get same hero across the board. either they afk in spawn or just start to feed.
might have been a fun twist first once it happened but now it only enoys poeple.
hope it gets removed.


This is so true, no one likes this ARAM same hero.


i NEVER post. Just came on here to voice my opinion for mirror match ARAM:

I do not enjoy it.

The frequency of encountering said mirror match has increased.

When I encounter said mirror match, I proceed to shutdown the game i.e. a swift ALT F4.

For the sake of feedback.
When I first encountered an ARAM mirror match (as thrall) it was a pleasant surprise, and enjoyable. This was a long time ago and mirror matches were few and far between. So they were; at best, a nice break. At worst, tolerable.
Now, however I have had the misfortune of two mirror matches in the same day!

Mephisto and Genji, these games last considerably longer than a traditional ARAM due to the character impotency against the forts and keeps. If I want to commit additional time to one game, i would queue for ranked or custom or even a quick match… the time investment alone defeats one of the allures of ARAM.

Thank you, good day.

PS i love the game


Same. Usually 1 team AFKs to go next faster. Vast majority of players don’t enjoy it. Please remove that feature


lvl 2000+ and play almost excludively ARAM with a friend… when this hits we both alt+f4 and go do something else, otherwise we play with bots and/or against bots

please remove this mechanic

In aram mode me and my friends don’t want to play with the random occurring same hero mode. It is nonsense and boring. You can give this all same hero mode as an option so we can unselect it. Please do this update or we will continue to swear and quit.

turn off same hero in aram pls