Auto attack is a joke


I can’t count how many times i have clicked on a hero, for the hero to just attack something completely else. It especialy seems to happen a hero is low on health, which causes them to get away, istead of dying. This is even more annoying if you play a hero like imperius


You gotta click the right target


Zoom in or out with the mouse scroll wheel or by pressing Page Up or Down

Zooming in can sometimes help you click the right target in crowded situations


i’m not a moron, you troll. Can you even read. I wrote i do click, I click alot


Yes I believe you click a lot but you need to click on right target.


Which is also what i do


Right click always attacks the target you click. No exceptions, no bugs (I’ve seen a million and 1 bug in this game, but right click has always worked as intended).
It’s possible to click the wrong target when they are on top of each other, but you should be VERY well aware that you’re actually clicking the wrong target.

Also, you can’t change the target if your hero is taunted.

The target of attack move (if you use that instead of right click) depends on your settings: the target will either be the one closest to the hero or the one closest to the cursor.
Naturally closest to hero setting on a ranged hero will most often result in attacks on the “wrong” target (if you use that setting, you’ll just have to resort to right clicking your target when it’s not the closest one).


I know what i’m doing and seeing, i might be chasing a hero, but because i get attacked by a mob, my heros stops