Auto kick AFK/Non pick in draft


It used to be this way in hero league, you would get kicked if you’re afk without prepicking a pickable hero and get -600 point punishment. I dont see why it should not be this way now in storm league since you CAN solo queue.
Why is it fair that a whole team would get a free loss because someone was afk(/trolls?) in draft and rolled a random useless hero!?!?
Please fix this and stop supporting trolls while punishing legit players.


Actually in Storm League the Draft ends prematurely if even one person has not picked a valid hero at the end of that turn

This used to happen in Team League but NEVER in Storm League


They should end the draft in that case but the penalty should be lower; after all being afk and making your team lose points is worse than just restarting the queue.


Spoken like someone who doesn’t know the pain of waiting more than half an hour to find a Ranked game only for someone idle to cause me to search again

I like the punishment we have now

If someone is searching for Ranked they’d better be prepared to be near the computer for two hours straight!