Aviana concept for HotS

In the 24th issue of the BATTLE journal, we offered to consider adding another character from the World of Warcraft game to HotS. This is the demigod Aviana, who has a rather fascinating history and no less interesting appearance. To create the talents and abilities of this hero, we took the spells of other harpies from the game as a basis, and this is what we got:

Q - “Dash”: Dashes towards the target, inflicting physical damage and slowing enemies within a radius of 4 yards for 3 sec. after landing.

W - “Drain Blood”: Steals health from the enemy and restores part of it to himself.

E - Curse of Restoration: Curses the enemy for a few seconds. The next time he tries to heal an ally, he has a 20% chance to restore 0 health to his target. health.

R (Heroic 1) - Rune of Power: Summons a Rune of Power under the feet of allies that lasts for 8 seconds. and increases melee and ranged attack speed and spell casting speed of targets in the area of ​​effect.

R (Heroic 2) - Blackfire: Ignites an enemy with dark flames, dealing significant Arcane damage.

D (Skill) - Raven Form: Aviana transforms into a raven, and instantly makes a small dash forward. While this form is active, Aviana takes less damage and deals area damage.

These are the talents we endowed Aviana, and now let’s talk in more detail about her talents at different levels.

Q: Can be applied to an ally. When applied, it covers the target with its wings, protecting it from damage for a few seconds.
D - “Quest!”: Match 40 orbs of recovery to get the passive “Light Feather Armor” - surrounds Aviana with feather armor that absorbs physical damage.
D - “Quest!”: Pick up 40 orbs of recovery to get the passive skill “Feather Attack” - surrounds Aviana with a feather wall that deals physical damage to enemies in range.


Q: Increases the duration of the slow or defense by a few seconds.

W: After recovering health, accelerates movement by 20% for a few seconds.

E: Increases the chance of triggering by up to 40%.


1 Deafening Screech: Silence nearby enemies, preventing spells from being cast for several seconds.

W: Immobilizes the target for the duration of the spell.

D: Decreases the cooldown of the ability.

Choose between two heroic abilities.

W: Places a wound on the target that causes the player to receive 20% less healing.

W: Aviana gets healed twice.

D: At the point where the ability is cast, a small nest with a black crow appears, which keeps the area visible to allies.


Q: Deals 20% more damage.

E: Increases the chance of triggering by up to 60%.

D: A nest with a funnel can be moved.


R - “Rune of Power”: Increases the strength of heroes by 40%.

R - “Black Fire”: Enemies in the area of ​​effect fight in agony, losing orientation for a few seconds.

Q: Imposes bleeding on the target enemy hero after using the ability.

Here is such a modest concept for Avi ana. Good damage and self-defense can provide the hero with a good future. Google translation