Battleground idea. collecting value to upgrade minions

hey. i thought of a battleground where u collect (somthing), for example azerite (from battle of azeroth) to invest into upgrading troops, towers, catapults, sending mercenaries or so. in some cool different ways.

it could go like this - if u die u lose some azerite, but not all of it (30%?). (half of which drops to the ground and other heroes can collect it). mining it or geting from monsters (similar to boa expeditions?), or so, also dealing with other team. Then returning to base to choose to recruit a ‘2 dwarven riflemen’ spown every second weave, then (next upgrade) each weave, then 3rd riflemen upgrade - slighly better rifflemen captain each weave. and as u gethered alot azerite, upgrade ur ‘druid of the claw’, already each wave, to wear thorns, then to emit aura of thorns (expensive upgrade). and a peon to repair tower slowly… upgraded towers. also upgrade that affects every troop +5 armor.

and then better upgraded team pushes lines. hmm there should be something that helps to fight back while team started loosing, and is weaker. meybe slight bonus to exp for killing upgraded could do the trick and confuse battlefield even more.

i say there should be like 2 maps for upgrading, and they should differ possibly a lot.

meybe a special hero upgrade - each hero would have a special upgrade depending on hero, or -which would be easier - depending on role (tank/dps/etc) - here could be a few upgrades that differ.

regards ~Nettleburn

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