Best pc Montior for Heroes of the storm


Hey friends
I wanted to consult you about a new Monitor

First I will say that I don’t like big monitors

I Confused between :
Samsung 23.5 1M sec 144HZ Qlead 1080P CURVED FULL HD VA

Or there is AOC AGON 23.8 165 HZ 1Msec 2K TN
(23.8 AOC AGON 2K AG241QG)

And I also want maybe 4k but response time 4Ms for 23.6 LG montior and 60HZ (LG 4K UHD IPS LED 24UD58) IPS

Samsung has another 26.9 Monitor with 2K 1MS 144HZ
And HDR (But its 27 inches so I don’t know)
And that HDR is something amazing or what?
(26.9 Samsung LED Curved VA HDR C27HG70QQM)

4K 27 have also Samsung with 1MS but 60HZ

So small 4K with 60HZ and low responded time?
Or small 2k with TN panel?
Or maybe small full hd 1ms 144hz Qlead va?

Or should I take 26.9 with also HDR?

Can someone Help me please??


Stop searching for a monitor for this game, is dead!


Anywaz someone who understand in Montiros can help me?


What is your Graphic Card?


In general, view them with a game playing. Pick the one you like best.