Blessing of The Broken


Dear Sir/Madamme,

I write this to inquire about the origin of substance injested while approving a talent like “blessing of the bronze”.

On a second thought, please do not answer as it might be used against you in a court of law and I guess we do not need the Dev team to shrink even more :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I believe the talent is way too powerful to see play as the effect is:
a) global
b) passive
d) instantly affecting your whole team
e) available on lvl 18
f) extremely powerful while not requiring any skill to use
g) non-situational

In comparison, the 10% walk speed and 30% CD reduction is far stronger than Alexstrasza’s 500hp (which gives you value only if you are actually getting hit or % healed) - and that would still stand if BoTB would be applicable in the same way (not affecting chromie, one target per CD, removed upon target’s death), and despite that, it is what it is.

Even if Chromie’s winrate will somehow not be over the roof - the sole existance of this talent is a step in what I believe to be a very bad direction.

I would like to share the opinion that this talent could perhaps be… reconsidered.

Yours faithfully,
Random Hots dude


I don’t understand, if it’s so broken, just take cromie and jump to GM#1 KR&EU.

I think that talent is strong also for the late game cromie, but broken is different (first Thrall, first LiMing, Kael’thas with living bomb patch…)


if by broken u mean chromie is utter trash now then yes I agree. that lvl 18 talent doesn’t even began to make up for what she lost .

I put chromie’s hero value very very low .

any other mage is better than chromie now , and I would argue that chromie doesn’t counter anyone now .


My post never said that Chromie is broken - it was about the nature of one particular talent. Judging by the recent patch, someone somewhere agreed xD Thx Blizz


Agree with OP and thanks that devs also agreed .
Also just because a hero is bad or , not equally good to the majority/meta heroes , it doesnt mean it should get insta " win at 18 " talent . Anyways , they got it and fixed it so … :slight_smile: