Blizard suck so much

this game has very advanced alorithm. advanced algorithm to make EVERY match unbalance… They gives you mmr points and thye mixing it to make every match difference like 50mmr vs 5500mmr… Its why you get 3times a raw same allies in 1 party. its why you have wins streaks and loss streak.
If developers will do ranking system where 50mmr fight against 50mmr the game will by more fair… Now if youwant get platinum you must win 130/200 matches, bus someone else need only 50/200 and he platinum too. 201 matchyou get him to party and his 3 friends and you must play alone against 5 oponents


HOTs community is so disgusting. As if all the twisted weird people who just wanna waste time and ruin other peoples games are playing this game coz the dont cooperate, if u give some feedback, they get mad because they are emotionally so weak and go die even more. Its such a nice game but admins of this game seems to be really backwards also because they are not doing anything about it. You can separate trolls and people ruining the game on purpose from people who really try to play and enjoy the game by simple algorithms but instead, your algorithm does braindead matchmaking on purpose. What is wrong with you people, admins? Also all the idiot trolls of this game, why are you so pathetic and ruin a game on purpose. Playing a teamgame without wanting to cooperate, playing a teamgame and going solo, doing your own thing. it ruins the game for everyone. Why so many peoplel ike this in this HOTS game?

What you expect if blizard succefully pushed every normal person away of our games…