Blizzard are the worst company


Yet again these god awful money grabbing toxic game company show just how bad they are, log on and what a surprise a silence for swearing (ok fair enough, must learn to control anger).

Play a game and with 1min of game start Imperius has died twice and says f u guys I’m feeding, we have 3 squshiy targets and enemy get genji/valeera and out Raynor and Nazeebo die 10+ times…

Blizzard say they are against toxic behaviour yet all the act on is swearing, they allow troll players to ruin the game and a MM system that hands 1 team a massive draft advantage in QM, its time you looked in the mirror blizzard and realized your very actions are the reason this game is so toxic, because you refuse to fix issues of bad players (and I mean bad as in trolling not skill lvl) and just focus on swearing. your just like EA in your actions, oh we want to be responsible so we will crack down on rude words… but were happy to let kids gamble on loot boxes in our game because well were just greedy and morals only matter when it doesn’t affect our profits…

Blizzard you have truly shown just what a lowlife and awful company you have become!


Agree…i play to day and for 1000 times think about this avarage 50 % wr rate…i did play all seasons.
or that mean i did test this system almost 3 years…and cant escape this Bronze league hell…

A …about this so strong energy they cant stop it…our human race is crated like that…because we must training our favor human qualityes…they are not guilty for that…only for…player wich are not punished…for an axample miss bann ,miss needed picked class…for over 10 deaths…
And not need sumilar report system like current versione!!
A penalty points and games out of ranked or Unranked or QM…
I already suggested at them all these penalty mechanics…in this my topic


And yet another game where these toxic scum at blizz allow MM to shaft 1 team, we get rexxar as our front line, enemy get artanis vs all aa attack heros (no mages)so he just blinds everyone.

Support we get a lili and our burst dmg? oh they got auriel so ageis and look your ult did nothing, game after game is a loss because these scum at blizz do NOTHING to try make the game a fair. Blizzard you are more toxic then all your community because you treat all your players with nothing but contempt and just want endless greed


I tried crawling out of bronze as a smurf. I did it… the smurf acount is now nearing gold. Just don’t fill and play heroes that can do more then one thing.

Such as Gazlowe, Leoric, Murky and such. Control the lanes, control the camps, survive and surprise the enemy.


Honestly I do wonder if player toxicity is more the result of automated matchmaking (or perhaps poor automated matchmaking would be more precise?). After all, as long as the matchmaking is automated there’s a limit to what behaviours can be enforced, the matchmaking has been designed to put the players we all hate somewhere.

So even if you deliberately feed, flame people and are as thoroughly dislikeable as you could manage, the game will still put you with people. I suspect that going forward automated matchmaking should probably be limited to organising opposing teams, but then it raises the question of how do you let people manually organise in a meaningful way? I suppose it would also require improvements in communication systems, along with some sort of general lobby where people can easily socialise but I suspect that this is a topic that would probably be best in its own thread.