Blizzard Fault's people are toxic


I mean honestly, what do you expect people to do when you REPEATEDLY put them with people far below their skill group/trolls ?

I played 10 placement games, got put in silver 5, now I am winning 47 GAMES and only 6 losses, and guess what!

I am just GOLD 4 ! When I am suppose to be DIAMOND+.

In DoTA I am diamond, in LoL I am diamond, even in smite I’ve got diamond, yet in hots, the easiest of them I am silver 5, ok.

Now guess who get warning for being toxic after losing with complete dump people who never WENT TO A SINGLE OBJECTIVE NOT EVEN ONCE, WE LOST IN 9:44 MINUTES!

I do of course!

Beat me how losing so fast is even remotely possible, you literally put me with a bronze player when I am currently gold 4 with a skyrocket MMR.

47 wins and 6 losses and I am put with a bronze player, fix your shit matchmaking system, its been how many years now and its still broken?

Then wonder why people are toxic, how would you react after being 50 games in noob’s paradise carrying with your teeth.

With that ratio I would’ve been diamond+ in every other MOBA by now, even if I started in bronze.


Very true. Not to mention that while you get warned\suspended for being “toxic” the potatoes walk free.


Stop whining.

System working as intended. You play the game, you climb.

Stop making smurfaccounts.


If u are really that good it shouldn’t be a problem for you .
I am talking from my own experience master multiple seasons .
Climb up keep your mmr high and every season u will be dia+ having good games .


I mostly play with friends and we are all diamond3-master3k ish level. I play with them mostly unranked and sometimes tl, in unranked I ban heroes when I have a dia1 friend and game doesnt recognize this and puts me to gold5 in tl placements. Last season I got 9-1 playing ana with two freaking chogall abuser gm top 50s in the team and game put me to gold3 tl. Tl rank is fine but hl is unplayable because game puts me to silver4 and I want to play competitive games when Im alone. I dont want that torture since I play supports 70 percent of the time. My profile is about 450 levels and game needs to recognize my high unranked mmr. I proved my skills many times, come on at least give me something like plat3 and I can live and climb but I refuse to do 300 dice rolls with playing support in silver.


Well its a blizzard game don’t know what the OP expects. The broad mass is probably among the worst players you’ll find. Doesnt matter if its wow, OW or Hots…
Making it worse is its F2P.

Just accept it. Low skill cap and easy to pick up thats a blizzard game.


I have the exact same problem , my MMR maybe isnt the greatest … But I know last season I was gold 2 , this season in placements I won 9 out of 10 games , and im placed in Gold 2 again ??? Is it a bug or what the fck is that like. Now im down to gold 4 from constant idiots and players that have no idea how to play the game, just getting lucky and placed in expecting others to carry. HL is a pain in the ass and ive actually just uninstalled , find my post through my account if you want to read why , but were in the same boat I feel ya.


In Dota there is no diamond rank???


Always loved playing blizzard games, and I have been playing hots for about 3years now.

But damn I’m getting tired to get into a ranked match with guys who are still brawling in mid after 3minutes without soaking any of the lanes. And this happens around gold 1/plat 5…shouldn’t people of that rank know how the game properly works?

Most of the time I get topteam xp or best statistics. Lately I have even more games where I have more then double of the xp of my teammates and still be at objectives…

Blizzard should consider getting into matchmaking and how it should work instead of pumping skins and mounts like crazy where only kids care about.

Considering quitting the game cause it should be fun and relaxing but now it’s nerfracking and not even fun anymore


If you play like a no liver you can climb, what I mean by that is. You climb according to the number of games you play,not the amount of skill you have, that’s just straight up BS