Blizzard - the most toxic player in HotS

I would like to ask blizzard why do you created the most toxic match making system I could ever imagine?
I can clearly see that this is designated to force everyone to be at the 50% win rate, or even slightly below.
I understand that I won’t win every game, but lately I’ve done some observation and it’s obvious that if you have to many wins, then blizzard finds you a team who’s countered as much as possible with enemy team. Often with people who have no idea how this game works, chasing for no reason enemy team, fighting 1vs3, or losing exp by not covering lane half of the game. This always end up with 3 levels disadvantage after 10-15 minutes of the game.

It’s very anoying when you play hard to win some games, and when you eventually see more wins than loses in match history, then this happens, and you are unable to do anything until you lose enough games to match blizzard algorithm, to be awarded a playable team…

Blizzard forces us to accept “non-toxic policy” and punish people for no reason, but they create the most of this toxicity…

It would be 100 times better to just randomly put players with any hero to each team… You were working on this matching system so hard, to create the biggest garbage I can ever imagine.

Actually, now I realized how this works.
Blizzard created some fake bot accounts imitating real players. If you have to high win rate, then you land with bots like that probably easy difficulty, and you 0.001% chance to win.
You can write on chat, you can flash on map, no reaction. They are just running around with no purpose other than die…
Thank you for that blizzard