Bronze SL - LFM

Hello there, we are a very small group of entusiast who are struggling together to climb up in StormLeague… We got like 10 peoples who are playing (on daily base there is minimum 4 who are playing). We feel that we got skills and experiance to be better than bronze but we we unlucky when we go for solo queue and get trolls or total begginers in this game so we lose many points.

We are most from EU: Slovakia, UK, Belgium, Croatia, Germany… But also got peoples from USA, South African Republic

At this very moment we organize some QuickMatches and Unranked games also trying a few Ranked matches just to get maybe few points.

If you are playing alone and want to have some company or you just want to go out from bronze feel free to write down your battletagg or add me to friends ( xbass#21193 )

We dont know each other much its like few weeks, I can say that we are all fresh in group.

I would gladly join you, I’m in same situation. Was in Gold 2, now I am in bronze 2 xD Will send you a friend request later.

Awsome we are playing every night so feel free to send when you can

will add u, …