Buff D.Va, thanks


Make D.Va playable please, she’s like the most underpowered hero in the game and its breaking my heart. She would be so fun. Give her more damage, micro missiles, more health, more movement speed, ability in pilot mode even without talents, talents rework, I dont know what more, just make her enjoyable to play. She deserves to be buffed.


Idk, D’va seems fine to me, then again, I don’t really play her at all.


Well then that makes you post invalid my dude.


Dva has its uses, he can mitigate some dps with matrix, use his bomb to delay fights. Good isolation. “Never die possibility”. I don’t know how to boost that hero…


Actually, in an AMA (July 19th), they said they are gonna rework her.
They give some little info:

  • D.Va will have missile as second ult.
  • Big shot is now a base line ability in Pilot Mode.
  • Her Mech Mode will only suffer a Movement Speed reduction while Basic Attacking or channeling an ability, not at all times. (like in Overwatch).
  • Defense Matrix can be retargeted with a short cooldown while it’s active
  • They gonna change her talents, making 3 builds: Solo-Laner build, Support-Frontliner build and self-destrucy/pilot build.


Good, good. Just like I thought it would be cool. Let’s hope it will happen :smiley: Just make her more like in overwatch, thanks sir!


I would suggest reduce mecha explode damage and time of detonation
its useless to have 9999 damage skill that never hits


yea :smiley: that’s a good point too :smiley: :smiley: was thinkin about the same once or twice :smiley:


But can block way with this ability. And can do combo with ETC, Murky or Zarya