Buff Tyrael please


So after seeing how bad The abilitys and traits are on my brother Tyrael i think we needs to buff him i mean his trait the Bomb it needs to either be buffed or replaced with a health regeneration one as he’s a tank and his Judgment ability should be buffed as it’s a bad for a heroic as it dosen’t do much damage.


If I were to give him 2 buffs I would buffed only his W by increasing its Value from 336 to 340-350 and 1% speed bonus per second of its duration.

His heroic no#1 deals little damage but I’m unsure if it needs to be buffed.


As now an Imperius main… I too would like to see Tyrael buffed.

Angelic Powaaaa!


Then why’s your profile picture not him?


Cause there aint no Imperius avatar yet.


He is in a good spot i think - except for this trait. This has been his handicap from the beginning. I would rather like to see a shield trait (giving AoE shield when he dies) or at least the option to use all of his abilities while he is about to die (similiar to a talent he once had but was weak compared to alternatives)
Another route entirely would be to replace his mana with some kind of energy source - as the hero is (still) mana-heavy.


Well whenever i take the Shield Heroic one noone gets in it and they say i do no damage but whenever i don’t take it and take Judgment instead they claim i’m a noob for not taking it.


Trait that prevents dying instead of giving you revange chance are always preferred.


I’d prefere it to either deal half of somone’s maxxium health of to after a few secends Just a Holy version of the skeleton king’s trait but you’d be able to leap down toward a nearby enemy hero.


Played him some weeks ago, picking new talents, that is where I’ve gone wrong with him previously I played him. Tried to do AA/leech build, but he doesn’t work like that. He isn’t bulky toe-to-toe, hes agile mobile warrior, hit & run.

1: justice for all - sheer statbudget amount makes good teamfight shields on basic ability
4: stalwart angel - long duration 25 armor for engage/disengage, exactly what you need when you don’t have HP
7: swift retribution - its additive making him + allies fast
10: both good, personal default for me is judgment to seal the deals
13: sword of justice - in/out play like Zeratul
16: burning halo - quite okay numbers when also combining engages with 13 talent
20: personally i take upgrade on 10 judgment, havent played with the others really.

This build basically uses Q as engage on top of enemy or behind them for natural bodyblock, hit the enemy with attacks+your smite, chase them down until you’re being focused, then back off. Later you can make riskier plays and teleport back to safety if it wasn’t a good engage. Use your shielding around your mates for value. Judgment to finish people off or necessary stun. You can use smite to peel friendlies to safety. Its almost like playing Zeratul teleport/cleave but with extended duration. Poke here and there, see what falls down from the tree.

His weakness is staying in, soaking damage, he can’t do that. So not a main tank by default, depends on enemy composition really. Can pick off squishy targets here and there, peel-stun Judgment as well i forgot to mention.

My problem last time i played this build was hitting my own hitbox with smite when attacking, so i dont lose out on the IAS bonus. Gotta place it over enemy+yourself for value. The 25% armor on engage allows you to hold your W for teamplay-scenarios rather than solo-only use where you really lose its value and drain your mana.