Can i block stranger whispers?

I thought that blocking messages from people not on the friendlist meant all messages, but i have just experienced being whispered by some stranger, is there any way to block whispers from stranger in order to avoid toxic trash talkers?

if you enabled friends only chat, they should not be able to message you at all.

i thought so too, but then as i said suddenly i got a whisper message from a toxic player

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You can block/report them when they whisper you

Options - Social - Privacy - Only friends can send me messages.

You are not listening, clearly. He has already set the social to friends only.

I have also experienced this problem since I am testing a new theory with the banning system. I have all chat and forms of communication set to off and can only accept messages from friends. Low and behold, I got a message.

My only guess is that it is a dev who is abusing his/her power. My lovely message was from player ‘damyo’ on EU servers. After a thrilling match of being pinged from start to finish, he went out of his way to whisper me ‘get carried you bum’.

What always amazes me is that blizzard keep throwing sales for other games from blizzard at me, desperately trying to make ends meet, but what they fail to realise, and for the record I told them in great detail that this would happen, that if they don’t look after both the loyal customers together with new customers and if they don’t fix their in game social issues, they will eventually drop off the face of the gaming world.

Okay so I figured it out! The rat ‘damyo’ who whispered me hatred is not a dev. So in the score screen, after a game, anyone in your party can whisper you, even if you have all of your social turned off…