Can the feeder be punished?


Hello everyone!
Posting here with hope of some punishing measures for the feeder i’ve met tin today’s ranked game. Although i’m almost sure that nothing will be done, just cant contain my frustration -_-
So, today’s first game in HOTS started as usual, banning, picking, completely silent teammates. We had all standart roles, 2 assasins, bruiser (leo), tank and heal, everything looks normal, silent chat. Game started… When the game timer reached 00:00 our Leoric just rashed midlane till enemy’s towers and… died there. Then spawned at the same place and died again… and like 10 time the same, and continued to die under towers or solo vs 4-5 all the time, he just do nothing just feeded. IDK what was it, no arguing were in that game at all. I can attach a replay of this frustrating game and just hope for some measures applied to this player…
Thx for listening to my crying soul ;(


Report people like this for “Intentional Feeding” and move on

Almost nothing else significant you can really do other than this


Report them for “Abusive Chat”. The others don’t work.


I wonder if HotS algorithms could detect regular feeders (should be easy) and move them quickly to bronze zone so that they don’t ruin the fun for more advanced players. For some reason there are plenty feeders in higher ranks. This shows how this game depends on luck.


They do actually

I personally know someone who was banned for something other than Abusive Chat

I will also add that Abusive Chat reports are ignored if the person being reported typed absolutely nothing


No, they aren’t. There were discussions here and reddit about unbanned players that had been banned for no reason but with “Abusive Chat”


Allow me to point you in the right direction

Straight from the source here:

“Abusive chat or spam reports are ignored if they are issued against a player who hasn’t participated in in-game chat or public chat channels”

I will also mention that a lot of people threaten to report me and nothing has actually happened due to a report to my account due to having Team Chat disabled completely and not typing in any public channels

Those reddit users were mostly likely lying and pretending to be innocent


Bcz they didn’t it actually. “Report him” or “I’ve reported” it’s mostly kind of abusing.

Those reddit users showed their discussion with tech support about appeal.


Link your evidence to me

Add me as a friend on the application if you have to


An example

We have checked your account once more and we decided that actually you are right so the account is now active.

The current difference is you can’t appeal anymore and the system punishes you much harder so you can easily abuse it to hurt other people.


“i was being toxic and paid for it”

He was a past offender

Meaning the reports would have an effect because the system would find a history of the account being guilty of Abusive Chat because he had been punished validly before

The automated system is probably not smart enough to realize that the offender has paid his dues by being previously banned

What has changed for this to become a reality compared to before?

You honestly cannot

If the account in question hasn’t had any recent history of having typed any words in a public chat then the chance of Abusive Chat reports working is almost zero

You become immune to Abusive Chat reports when you do not participate in any public chats

This is why I have Team Chat disabled completely always


800 tech support workers were fired. There’s nobody left to deal with it.

Almost zero isn’t zero. The fact you can be punished with current reports for insulting that has nothing to do with these reports is the same as being punished for nothing. The system can be abused.
Just imagine how you’ve realized your toxicity so you decided to change your behaviour and then BOOM, you’re silenced or banned. Thank you, Blizzard, now I know I must make my mates’ lives hell.


I checked out your “example” earlier by the way

The offender did in fact type some messages that were offensive in the eyes of the players reporting them and this was deemed sufficient enough to warrant punishment

It was deemed to be harassment which can be very subjective in a lot of cases

Due to the mercy of the employee he was chatting with at the time it was decided that what he typed wasn’t too offensive and thus was granted a pardon

But the offender was given advice to be friendlier

In your example at least it showed that the system did work and was not simply punishing the player for earlier reports after behavior improvement


In other words, it can be abused.


I even report such players with fake way…" double times"…
I meet such player befor…but happen so rare times.


My point is that you should be honest when reporting offenses

Reporting someone for “Abusive Chat” when their offense was feeding is simply dishonest

And it simply would not even punish the player if the offender typed nothing

Just because a system can be abused doesn’t mean we should be filing dishonest reports