Can we make the game ''better''?


It has been a while now i have been thinking of writing this, the state of the game is without a doubt terrible, many are at fault and for starters it is us the players that never conveyed our feelings to the devs who never really heard us; i believe it is time to do something. Needless to say i am writing this cause i love the game, i have been playing since beta with another account and i have fallen in love, now i find myself still playing with my self for a few games than getting bored and getting bored playing a game is really unacceptable. I have been thinking a lot as i said earlier for ways to improve the game (which is something us players that actually play can do best and in my opinion it is even our duty but i digress) and i reached sonething that i wished to share with you (other players) and hear what you think. Enough talking lets get to the point: at first i tried to see what the main problem of the game is and i think it is not only balance issues present in every other moba but skill ceiling and matchmaking. So how do we tackle those problems? My idea is like this: what if we add an item shop and last hitting minions, killing heroes and destroy turrets the way to get the gold to get said items on top of choosing talents? It will require work indeed but not only will the best players be able to carry a game, we will also not lose the important objective mechanic, the importance of teamfights but will add another skill ceiling so that more experienced players wont get bored and always find ways to improve their game, on top of that we will add another layer strategy in there too, and communicating with your team will become key. This is only idea and i want to know what you guys think. The other problem is matchmaking: too many times we get matched aganist a team that completely counters ours and playing aganist that is no fun, a solution would be having a semi-draft with your team only like in normal matches on league of legends; you only see your team draft so you can choose accordingly, it wont become like an unranked match but a fairer quick match. So i cant wait to hear what you guys have to say, and what are your toughts. Sorry for my bad english it is not my native language, hope you understand. Have a good day


Yo want HOts to look like Lol



when you win a game you have a lot of fun.Quick match is for practicing,what you learn there use in League.

And for sure should add Brawl one lane 1 vs 1


So you dont agree that skill ceiling for experienced player is a problem? Than why are good players leaving the game? What i suggested is not another lol, it is just adding another layer of strategy to make te game become less stagnant; right now it is basically a swamp isnt it? What do you suggest instead?


I stopped reading when you said add last hitting and a gold shop. Most people play HOTS because there is no item shop and no last hitting. If you really want that, then go play dota 2 or league


I see ehat you are saying, and i agree completely, i started playing this game cause i hated games like lol and dota but arent we forgetting something? While most people play this game cause there is no shop and last hitting most people DONT play this game… What could be added or changed in your opinion? This post isnt about me but it is about everyone in the community, i really want to hear your take on this reckeris


for expirienced player,there is no problem

Everyone have some strategy for map,I guess,like tank or heal you bring influence on team on some other way,and with some good moves at certain moment can flip game,won tf on lvl 20 and done,just one fight.
Instead fight in one lane,should get xp,camps,always there is something to do on map,one kind of strat.
And games you think you can`t win,sure you can
.When you see Mmaking you instant should know what to on map.Force fight or play macro passive.

All should improve in brawl and quick match


The thing that I want the most, and that some other old players want is the old QM matchmaking: mirror heroes, completely random and more fun overall.

I personally think that adding old hero roles would be better, because a lot of the time it makes no sense. Like for example kharazim is a healer but you can play him well as a bruiser with the right build. Or Varian- he can be a tank, bruiser or a assasin. And I won’t mention what bs is going on in the support role.

Gameplay wise there is no problem and the main reason why HOTS is not as successful as league or dota, is because it lost the race. Same as battleborn lost to overwatch and how every card game lost to hearthstone


How do you know that only good players leave the game? But if you mean players that aspire to do some professional gaming, the reason does not lie in the game mechanics. In fact, i think they are the best game mechanics for a team of 5 semi- or full-professional players (and a lot more fun to watch than LOL).

What the game lacks is support by the company. They shut down the professional league, so a lot of Pro’s were suddenly out of work. Its only reasonable to assume that many went on to other games or stopped playing professionally all together.

I do like you idea about a quick draft though and would love to see it implemented. The mechanic is already there (brawl-mode).


…can’t read long posts that don’t have paragraphs, point is completely lost.


Dude…please …dont try and you…i understand you…but dont try out that…
Enough peoples try out suggested this from LoL. I did try out to suggested so many different ideas…and what happend to finaly?! :slight_smile: What HoTS team devs. get final decide to add/ work, that is…
Now we only talk almost empty worlds,thoughs…and we NOT make up ANYTHING NEW better ideas,mechanics!.

I know…i know …always pop up aomeone like you…:slight_smile:


Please learn proper English and proper grammar before you post reading your post hurts me on how hard it was to read.Or were you writing this while being drunk or did you have a stroke in the middle of writing this post lol.


Blizzard perfected the entire “WERE A TEAM” theme in HOTS, very few characters can downright 1v5 because “their ahead” you can’t really get ahead in HOTS other than levels and objectives which are kinda boring. A shop would be a design disaster to add in game.

I think they need to give assassins more quest to increase damage capabilities and buff structure damage and health so that games last longer and so that you can more consistently get level 20 talents and see what team wins then, buff minion health as well and also they need to increase the size of certain maps, on some maps you will almost certainly get hit by a turret if you overextend just a tiny bit which isn’t super healthy.

I think they should maybe look into a jungle system where certain heroes such as sylvanas or anyone who can easily take camps solo can jungle instead of laning, but that aswell would be extremely hard to implement into the current game.


I like your ideas but that’s mostly because before hots I played league of legends alot.And all of this sounds like turning hots into league of legends which I have no issue with.


I remember when I tried league once. Some scrub gets a few early game kills and that’s it- he goes roaming around ambushing everyone and you can’t do shait. While in HOTS you always have a fighting chance and even if you have 200 sadism as Alarak, you’re still not a god.

You can get ahead with pushing which is really important since a destroyed keep will give you catapults. That’s why you have to pay attention to levels, the objective and if your lanes are in danger.

I can instantly see you’re a league player when you said “turret”


200 sadism Alarak agrees with your assessment that he is not a god. He is THE God.


And just like his god Amon he can still die

Who was just seen as a god by others by the way

You kill Alarak just once and all that Sadism is just gone

Reduced back to to 100, 90 or dare I say it 80

Pitiful damage at that point