Can we make Valeera's teleport behind the target a bit easier?


Most of the time after teleporting behind the target using “q” immediately is extremely hard. Basically her teleporting exactly behind the target’s back is confusing as hell and it’s become hard to throw your q. Also usually I’m going with “q” build and that lvl 7 (increasing dmg and reducing range on your q) in very important in that build and here comes another problem (mine at least) because after you realize where to throw “q” target is already out of range and even your lvl 1 slow not helping all the time. Why don’t just make it so that she teleports behind the target but not exactly behind his back.
P.S. Sorry for broken English and I hope to hear your suggestion about that.


well, to start with, i hate valeera lol,
i play Li Ming,

if you having that issue, makes me happy,
thts one valeera player less to worry about :smiley:


I think Valeera is working just good as she is. It does require skill but highly skilled valeera can make some serious work. Imo just matter for you to train it so that you land it more often


I agreed with what you just said but that issue it’s not skill it’s more random. Ability to teleport behind target is made so that enemy could not run away easily in safety but you are not always teleporting behind him, all he need is to turn around. After that because of you not expected to Valeera teleport in the position you thought she will quickly throw your q is becoming paint in the ass, mainly because your position for throwing q is very important and if you miss your first q all your dmg that you could do to the target is gone( dmg from q, combo point, cd reduction, keeping close distance, 15 energy). Im lvl22 Valeera and after hitting lvl20 I started noticing that issue maybe after moving my ping is slightly increased or maybe I just never noticed that before. And believe me I trained a lot on dummies and bots but I’m still finding myself in position like that when after missing my first q I have nothing to do but just auto attack surrounded with enemies.


Trust me, im saying this with a lot of effort, being a Li Ming player,

Try to delay a bit after your opening shot before u hit ur q , if u do tht a couple of times, you will get an idea about how you wil be teleporting.

You can hit Q key right after ur opening move, but CLICK the left mouse click when u see where u teleported,

But didnt ever play valeera, so may b all im saying is totally meaningless,

My point is only tht u shud wait before landing ur q, half a second wait may make ur effectiveness little lower, but a few games like tht will get u up to mark,

Coz i see innumerable valeeras just dropping squishy targets in 2 to 3 seconds,