Can you solo Murky?


No he didn’t

Also did you just quote yourself?

If we were all able to prove that Murky has more than just viable build

Would you treat us to some pizza?


Sure, but only in person at my favourite place.


Ooooo that sounds nice actually

Could we be friends?

What is your favorite pizza place like?


I should have known you are trolling, Bax.


My black leather couch. No TV :wink: :wink:

Maybe partially, but I actually really believe he has only one viable build. I stated the reasons already, but well - slime build is the only build allowing him some sort of offensive playstyle which relies on his skills of positioning and planning on when to go in (to avoid aoes/skillshots/ulties…). He can still effectively farm lanes with that build.

Anything else is viable only on paper. I mean slime on pufferfish? Sounds great. More damage with it? Wow awesome! But then you come to lane and realize you cannot lay a single one without it being immediately destroyed. Did you know it can be destroyed by skills now too? I mean it’s like that for a year or even longer, so it’s weird you didn’t notice. And again, I stated that this is viable build against unskilled opponent who don’t destroy it. But because you can counter this build with ALMOST ANY hero (even tho some sort of AOE is preferable due to Murky’s ability to “body block” the fish) just by simply following Murky and hitting that fish. This invalidates whole build imho. Never lost to murky with this build afaik.

Living the dream, Time to krill and whole tier 13 are flavour talents for me which can be incorporated in either Slime build or all the pufferfish builds. So I don’t consider picking those talents usually as a separate build, but feel free to prove me wrong.


why r we discussing fish? :open_mouth:
no better heroes to discuss? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


You dare to think badly of Murky?


haha, not tht, but stil, why such a long discussion on the fish?






This topic is a most needed praise to Murky. Zver, you should also start one about The Lost Vikings .
It is a praise in the way of people calling you a hacker in shooters even tho you do not use any mods.