Can you solo Murky?


I know I can’t and I have no clue why a hero on 5 sec. spawn can solo most other characters and has at least 5 good builds while others are struggling with 1.


You probably looking for some other answer but the truth is that murky is quite easily killable with almost every hero in game. This is a matter of skill


Unless we’re talking past 13 with him finishing his slime quest, then he can become problematic to the non burst heroes


Even more so after level twenty with his DOUBLE HEALTH!

Actually his egg spawn time is eight seconds now and sixteen with Big Tuna Kahuna talent taken at level twenty


Murky has only one build and that’s slime. But that one becomes viable only late game. There are some talent options to spice it up in certain situations, but that’s still the same core build. Any other build might be good on paper, but can be countered just by the way enemy team is playing. Any talent choice invested in pufferfish is wasted. I like Murky, but I feel I can win the lane only if the enemy never saw Murky before.



You can say that Murky has only one talent build that YOU personally agree with

But he definitely DOES NOT have Slime has the ONLY talent build!

Other talents DO EXIST

MANY other great talents that can work depending on the people playing


Very weak early game, extremely strong late game.

Thing is you don’t allow his team to get ahead, if you do… you are screwed. People often ignore his lane early game, when team fights start happening they believe he is broken.

Just send somebody to control him. He can’t lane vs any auto attacker. If he can’t lane, he becomes useless and their team falls behind.

Kill puffer fish, constantly harras him, when he is missing know that he is doing a nearby camp or stealing yours… adapt to that.

Learn to control the fish.

People get frustrated with him constantly coming back, and just give up and leave him alone. That is a huge mistake.

Their team will expect him to clear lanes, be all over that. When he is sent to clear, right away, mount and rush to him asap.

For instance Raynor makes his life living hell.


Then every hero in the game has more than one build and OP’s claim is pointless.


Struggling doesn’t mean one build is the only one that would ever work in a given situation

Have you never heard of Varian?

He also stated that Murky has five different valid builds

Not sure if that’s true personally but considering he can be built in so many different ways it might be possible


Theres also the question is slime build with octo and slime build with march count as 2 different builds.


Oh so you are not sure if it is true he has 5 valid builds, but you are sure my opinion is incorrect. He has 1 valid build. Others are good only if you play against people who don’t know what Murky actually is. Even that valid one is bad if an opponent is capable of using their early game advantage and win before 20. Yes, I heard of Varian, but we are not talking about Varian. Are you actually commenting on topic or are you trying to dismiss my opinion just for sake of dismissing my opinion without actually knowing what the topic is about?


Imho the only hero where the ulti pick matters from the build perspective is Varian. For others I usually see it as an option based on circumstances of the match. For me a build is something what moves you in a certain direction. E.g. skillshot oriented, aoe oriented, sustain oriented, AI dmg oriented, utility oriented and so on based on what aspects of your hero you chose to improve. If you make a change or two in such build based on situation, that’s just a flavor of it and not a completely different build. Like if you order pizza with ham or with salami, it’s still pizza, it’s not suddenly a burger.


If he has more than one valid build then of course your point is invalid

But if you order another pizza and then put it upside down on top of the other pizza then it could become a pie

And if you don’t put any toppings on it then it’s suddenly just a piece of flat bread


agreed, just like for ETC i dont count taking block party instead of prog rock a different build either, and i wouldnt call murky’s lvl 1 a defining build decision either, which wraps back around. how exactly is OP defining murky having 5 builds


He may have been exaggerating but you can at least agree that Murky has more than just one build right?


You cannot pick two Murkies at the same time and not picking any talents is not exactly a valid or viable build. What’s your point?


The point is that a pizza can actually become something else

If you put two slices of pizza on top of each other with the toppings in between then it’s a triangular sandwich


So once again,

I still see none.


Oh, for goods sake you 2 chefs de cuisine(Bax and Xylo) should stop arguing. Murky has many variations: Slime time/Living la vida loca/Tufferfish, black lagoon/slipery when wet, rej bubble/fish tank, toxic buildup/Fish oil, making ink/big tuna/endless march.


Thanks, you mentioned exactly 1 viable build :slight_smile: