Cannot block because the list is full


This is preposterous Blizzard, expand the list to infinite number because thats how much I’ll need.


I hope you realize that blocking someone only blocks their ability to communicate with you

It doesn’t prevent someone from being matched with you


Unfortunately yes, I am aware of that. I have already made posts over the years asking blizzard to add a report option for not matching me with certain players ever again. I don’t want these people banned, and I don’t care about their profanities, all I want is for them not to be in my team.
I have been at bronze 5 at 0 points, bottom of the bottom, and my highest is plat 3. People of all skill levels are spread all over the place. Some might be smurfing, but most are victims of poor matchmaking system that has bronze level players from plat to actual bronze, so give us a tool to avoid noobs so we can climb the ladder easier.
I remember not that long ago we were matched with a guy who kept flaming and blaming a friend of mine for the impending loss, later we were lucky he was on the other team and we were up against him. We won easily, I mean like vs bot AI easy. Three times in a row. It was all easy wins against the same guy I have no idea how he ended up in gold league. It was bronze 5 level of play, lol level of insults and gold 3-4 game iirc.


With the little amount of time I spend in ranked I myself get matched up with the same players. My way of handling this is to wait a bit after the match or go play one QM game.


yup, or team up with frends :smiley:

hope to play with u more, may b in rannked :slight_smile:


Well if you are aware of it and know that it only blocks communication

Simply Disable Team Chat

And then go to Settings and look at the Social tab

Check the box that only allows friends to send you messages

Then you can keep your list of blocked people empty and not have to deal with messages

This is what I do


Maybe they could store the blocked list on our computers so they do not have to impose a limit. Or… zilb could make it possible for us to add notes to non friends(could also be stored on our computer) so we can more easily remenber what that player did.
We don’t always remember everyone we played with.


listen xylord, you seem to talk nonsense just because you want to counter argument someone. Why would I disable whole team chat because I don’t want one flamer to flame me?

For example, I’d block your communication in a second if you fail to argue with logic like you’re doing here or on Nova topic.


Okay I will stop trying to answer with my logic

I will answer with yours instead

Because you just answered your own question for me

If you were with me in a game you would not even have to

Considering I actually have Team Chat turned off and would not even see or reply to any of your messages to begin with


What if you play on different rigs…