Cant buy gems. Solutions pls


Greetings. I’ve been a week since I can’t buy gems in the game.
The real money I have in the account but as much as I am waiting for it does not charge me the purchase. Any solution?
ty for the answers.

This happens when I buy it;

h ttps:// ( remove the space between h and t)


No idea… did you check the date on your card? Maybe it expired…


This can be many things. How are you trying to pay? With a balance on Blizz app account? With PayPal? Is there enough balance on PayPal or is your card charged? Is your card working when trying to purchase somewhere else online? Did you try to call your bank and check with them if there is any activity logged on your card? Did you try to log in your PayPal to see if there is perhaps some problem there?

Also try the obligatory - restart PC, clean cache, clean reinstall…

And so on… You can also contact Blizz support directly. Purchase problems are always handled either through online chat or through call, so it will be fast :wink: