Captain Horner - powerful attacks with slight support

Let’s be honest, Blizz forgot about sc2 as new HotS heroes, and as game itself. Let’s remind them that this universe has great heroes!

Matt Horner, Captain of a legendary battlecruiser «Hyperion», is a support hero, that relies on technologies and his Shotgun/Pistol weapon. He has to choose whether he wants to risk: he can either stay far and sacrifice some fire rate to focus his shotgun, or go risky close and feed his enemies with a ton of good old lead. However, he lacks mobility, which makes risk even more hard.

Random concept (htt ps:// that i found searching “shotgun pistol” and it serves good.

Captain Horner
AtkSpd - 1 sec
AtkDmg - low-medium (drastically increased by D)
AtkRng - 5.5

D - Shotgun Pistol
Cooldown: 5 sec.
Passive: Horner uses shotgun pistol as his weapon, shooting both bullets and shots. When attacking enemy, Horner also shoots 5 pellets in 90° degrees angle, each dealing 40% of regular attack damage to first enemy hit in range of 7m.
Active: Horner activates charging mode on his weapon for 5 seconds. Attack range reduces down to 1.5m, but during 1.5 sec of charging, range gradually increases to 6.5m and pellets angle gradually reduces down to 20°. He can shoot any time enemy is in range of attack. If Horner attacks someone then after reloading, he will refresh the duration.


SP contains 2 barrels like double shotgun, but vertically - top one for Bullets and bottom one for Shots. Each time Horner shoots - he opens it and recharges both of them. Player can see increasing radius of attack (like Yrel’s E charging) and if it reaches target then Horner will shoot. Horner can use other abilities while in charging mode.
Total damage of bullet and shots will be (100% + 5x40% = ) 300% of regular attack damage, so attack damage should be low.

Q – Power Tazer
Cooldown: 6 sec.
Horner charges special tazer bullet for 0.5 sec and shoots it. Bullet shocks first hero on its way, slowing for 20% and reducing damage by 20% for 3 seconds. Slowing is applied in a small area around enemy. Tazer can ricochet, but its range won’t increase because of this.
While Charging mode is activated, Power Tazer is able to be overcharged for extra 1 sec, gradually increasing range for up to extra 200%.


Range is 5.5 and can increase for up to 16.5. This Tazer is thin, like Hanzo’s Q.

W - Defensive Microbots
Cooldown: 12 sec
Horner sends microbots for 5 sec to ally hero (or himself). Microbots have their own health bar equal to 15% of target’s hp. Each enemy attack that was directed to protected ally will hit microbots instead. Owner can take damage only from DOTs that were applied before. Also microbots will attack enemy projectiles in 4.5 radius each second, losing 15% of their own hp.


Basically it is a shield with hard realization: microbots have its own hp, which means that it can be overdamaged without losing owner’s hp. Also enemies can’t target its owner, they will target microbots instead. Things that were already thrown in owner will hit microbots instead. It also has built-in old SC2 Raven’s ability Point Defense Drone. “Attacking projectiles” means that it will try to destroy hanzo’s Q, kt’s E and so on by shooting it down (creating invisible hero for some miliseconds just to stop it and adding some kind of lazer animation). It will trigger ktz’s pool after Q and, of course, do some quests. However, it can’t stop hitscan attacks (like Thrall’s Q or Falstad R1) , AOE (kt’s Q), piercing projectiles (tassadar’s Q) and Dots (if it was applied before getting microbots then it will continue damaging owner). Yes, ally can use mount/hs/objective just like if he didn’t take damage, but only while microbots are alive.

E - Strike Fighter
Cooldown: 10 sec
Horner shoots lazer tag in direction with no distance limit. Tag hits first terrain, building or hero on its path, leaving tag there. Heroes will carry the tag. After 3 seconds of flying, Strike Fighter will shoot to the mark and after 1 second of falling the bomb will deal big damage in small area.


Enemies don’t see mark while Fighter is flying, but they can hear its sound. Fighter will shoot in a location where tag was at the moment charge is completed, so enemies will have some time to get out. Enemies don’t see who or what was marked, but while the delay they will see growing area of impact.

R1) Space Station Reallocation
Cooldown: 90 sec
Horner teleports one of Mira’s space stations right to the ground. Station deals low damage and after 1 second explodes with medium damage in big area. Then it also summons 3 widow mines that will burrow, becoming invisible, and launch missiles to nearby enemies, prioritizing heroes. Missile cooldown is 5 seconds. Widow mines exist for 32 sec.


Mines behave like chromie’s traps or abathur’s mines - it can’t be focused or revealed with direction attacks such as nova’s Q, but can be revealed with AOE damage.

R2) Depot drop
Cooldown: 20 sec
After 1 sec drops one of 3 different depots from Hyperion. Depot falls in target area, pushing all enemies out and dealing medium damage. After 3 seconds it burrows and becomes invisible, also, enemies are able to go through it. Only 1 depot can be active on the map. Has no range limitations but can only be placed in visible place.
Healing depot - heals for 3% hp per second to one ally hero in small radius.
Supply depot - reduces cooldowns of basic abilities and increases attack speed by 15% to all ally heroes in medium radius.
Hacking depot - warns about all enemies in huge radius around in fog of war. Reveals invisible heroes if they are in visible zone.


After using, Horner stops and enters mode (some kind of thing that Ana has in “Horus Eye”), that changes his abilities: Q – Healing depot, W – Supply depot, E – Hacking depot, R/D – Cancel. After choosing one, he exits this mode. Depot works as chromie’s traps or abathur’s mines - it can’t be focused with direction attacks such as nova’s Q, but can be revealed with AOE damage. Healing depot heals each 0.1 sec, making it look like common regeneration. Hacking depot uses the (!) signs like SC2 scaner does - it shows that something is there, but it doesn’t show what exactly there is.


LVL 1:

Q: Shocking news
Increases duration of “Power Tazer” damage reduction by 50% and slowing area by 33%.

Q: Harsh discipline
Silences enemy hit by “Power Tazer” by 0.5 sec. Slowing effect is increased to 30% but duration is decreased to 2 sec.

Q: Eye shot!
“Power Tazer” doesn’t reduce enemy damage, but he blinds them for 1.5 seconds. Slowing doesn’t affect nearby heroes.


Q: Tri-Tip shots
Pellets that damage enemy that is slowed by tazer will deal 15% of their basic damage every 0.25 sec while tazer effect is active.

D: Shattering Justice
Enemy heroes hit by pellets will get 3% more damage from allied heroes for 5 sec. Doesn’t affect Horner’s damage. Stacks 5 times

Active: Bandolier
Reduces charging time by 50%, but increases reloading time by 15% for next 5 attacks. Cooldown: 30 sec.

Active: Molten Perforator
After 2 seconds cast makes 4 rapid shots without bullets. Angles are increasing: 20, 40, 60, 90. Cooldown: 15 sec.

LVL 7:

W: First-aid Bots
If “Defensive Microbots” aren’t damaged for 2 seconds then they will restore 0.5% target’s hp each 0.25 sec. Increases rate of destroying projectiles by 25%. This protection doesn’t prevent “First-aid Bots” healing.

W: Repulsion armor cover
“Defensive Microbots” will reduce incoming damage for 3% of their owner’s missing health.

D: Leeching metal
Pellets heal Horner for 30% damage dealt. Doubled against heroes.

LVL 13:

E: Backup Hangar
Adds 2 charges for Strike Fighter. Strike fighter’s flight time depends on distance from closest allied fort (or keep, or core) to the tag: from 1 sec right next to it to 5 sec at huge range.

E: Hardlight Afterburner
Strike Fighter flies 1 second earlier. The bomb will leave a burning area, dealing damage over for 3 seconds.

D: Focus Cannon
If enemy gets hit by at least 3 pellets, next bullet will deal him 25% more damage.

LVL 16:

W: Aegis
Target of Defensive Microbots will get permanent shield equal to 50% microbots’ durability by the time they expire. Using Microbots to this target will destroy this shield.

W: Shared Design
If Horner uses Defensive Microbots on ally, then he will get its copy. Both microbots share their durability.

Active: Little Disciples
Horner gets permanent weakened version of microbots. Every 5 seconds they block 1 instance of damage. While Disciples are active, they try to destroy enemy projectiles each 2 seconds.

LVL 20:

R1 upgrade: Mira’s “little” factory
Reduces lifetime for mines by 15 sec. Space station explosion spawns 6 more mines.


Since mines need 1 second to shoot, they will only shoot twice.

R2 upgrade: Shockingly Low Orbit
Reduces cooldown of Depot Drop by 5 seconds and reduces falling time by 0.25 sec. Depots deal more damage at landing and burrow 1.5 seconds earlier. All depots are able to instantly use basic version of Power Tazer to the closest enemy hero each 5 seconds.


Tazer here is invisible and it applies without charging mode or talents.

W: Stealthkit
Microbots cloak targeted hero for 10 sec, but their lifetime is reduced to 4 seconds.

Passive 20 lvl: His and Hers Supply
Widow mines don’t retire, but there can’t be more than 10 mines on map and missile cooldown is doubled. Strike Fighters drop 1 Widow mine in area of impact. Space Station Relocation summons 2 more mines. 1 Widow mine will be droped at the closest to Depot enemy each 15 sec.

Active 20 lvl: Shotgun Pistol Mk. 2
Every 3 seconds Horner gets special shot. When he attacks, he consumes 1 shot and empowers central pellet: it deals 150% more damage and ricochets to all nearest enemies. The damage decreases hyperbolically by 50% with each ricochet.
If Horner has 5 shots then he consumes 2 of them and empowers all 5 pellets.
Can be disabled manually.

Note for "SP Mk.2"

Since pellets deal 40% of attack damage, central one will deal (40% x2.5= ) 100% of this. Even if there will be infinite amount of enemies, total damage for all of them will be mathematically equal to (50% + 25% + 12.5% + 6.25% +…= ) 100% of attack damage. So basically this is another attack, which damage is split among all other enemies.
Sum of all pellets and regular attack is (100% + 5x40% = ) 300% of aa damage. Boosting all pellets will result as (100% + 5x100% = ) 600%, so it will just double it. However, ricochets now will be more impactful, but, of course, if you manage to get all the pellets into the enemies.

Well, That’s it. I hope you got the referenece i was using there. And I hope that Blizz will see this.