Character change while queing


I just qued for a game as D.Va and when I got into the game I was Imperius using D.Va’s mount and I don’t even own Imperius and he’s not on role this has happened to me before with Valla and Xul


Never heard of anything like this. It would be nice if you could give us a clip of that happening


Video prof of that or I will label this thread as a troll one :laughing: but who knows he might be telling the truth because league has been known for their bugs and glitches so called spaghetti code so the same type of bug happened in hots who knows without video evidence.


I have had this a couple of times. I even ended up with Deckerd at one point, while not even owning the champ. I wouldn;t say it happens atleast once a month, but it has happened atleast 5 times to me.