Discrimination in Blizzard's Reporting System: A System That Penalizes Frustration and Reward Game Runiers

Blizzard’s reporting system unfairly penalizes frustrated players while allowing game ruiners to thrive, and YES I got banned.
The system’s reliance on player reports makes it susceptible to abuse, and it fails to distinguish between genuine frustration and intentional sabotage.
This creates an unfair environment where passionate players are punished while game ruiners go unpunished.

Blizzard should implement a more robust appeals process, improve transparency, and develop better tools to detect malicious reports.

In conclusion, Blizzard’s reporting system is unfair and discriminatory.

Additionally, they should educate players about the negative impact of game-ruining behavior and encourage reporting of these behaviors. By addressing these issues, Blizzard can create a more positive and inclusive gaming community for all players.


I always put in a report about offensive behaviour.
The way I see it none of us can say any and every thing, anywhere at any time.

There’s reasons for the rules of conduct, they’re there to create a fun and relaxing place for everyone. Being met with profanity and vulgarity as well as abuse is unacceptable.

I make it known I make these reports. I don’t mind the hate I receive from it, just doesn’t matter to me. I feel it’s important to represent those who are against the trolling. People are always on about how I am this or that. And I’m sure they keep reporting me, because why wouldn’t they. I’m not that light on the words either. Sometimes it gets heated. But I try to keep it fair enough.

I got silenced once, otherwise nothing.
Perhaps you actually did something if you’re being punished? There’s many who tell tall stories about the unfairness but when it all comes together it’s apparent that they actually was trolling all along and they got punished for it.

I think “passionate players” need to learn how to vocalise in a reasonable manner.

Since my last ban, I have refrained from using any curses, swearing, or other offensive language, and I have made a concerted effort not to insult anyone. My primary focus was to encourage teammates to focus on objectives and support each other.

I also filed a complaint, but the support did not provide any evidence of inappropriate language or conduct in their response. As evidenced by other players’ comments, the reporting system seems to be biased towards banning players based solely on the number of reports received, rather than examining actual chat logs or behavior.

I have also witnessed instances where players were banned solely on the basis of reports, with the only evidence provided being the word “loser.” This is clearly unfair and undermines the integrity of the reporting system.

Well… I believe that I have received a great number of reports against me. I don’t know that but I think I am disliked. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve received hundreds or thousands of reports. But like I said, I don’t know.
The difference would be that I’m only receiving them in the general chat, not in the game. In game I rarely say anything because there’s little to say.

blizard developers, they are biggest imbec.ils ever walk on earth, so dont expect nothong good in this game. 1st they destroy ranking system, ten they destroy balance. now this game is unplayable. lagging, disconecting. Bit by bit they destroyed this game, like others blizard games. Like I told - until blizard empoye only imbec.ils there is no chance for better changes

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I got this bug where the mouse jumps in a random direction every other minute. Quite a distraction as I move the gamefield with the mouse as well as, unsurprisingly, aim with it.
This other guy got it worse with a bug that has locked in move command causing a lot of issues. Third one had some other illness.

I had an account defenitively banned because i was answering to people intentionnaly feeding, dying 15 times a game, never coming to obj or afk lane etc…
It is been 1 year and a half now and i never got a silence or ban .
Cause i MUTED the chat, muted the ping. I never ping in game, cant talk, except in my team chat/vocal (but its with friends) .

Sometimes i look at the replay and see people insulting , telling something constructive (like go boss) or pinging and obviously i couldnt follow the pings or follow the calls as i didnt saw them.

I once had a feeder that kept dying on purpose… 3 games in a row, he got reported like 9x3 times and he was still roaming. While if i put once “please stop dying” to that same player, i would get a 1 week ban the next minute…

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You are beating a dead horse… I was one of the first, in the (old) US forum (i got permabanned there years ago probably because some mod there didn’t like the truths i kept saying) and at Reddit who talked about how detrimental that abusive chat report system would be even when it was first introduced and it only silenced you, it didn’t even ban you from ranked back then.

Eventually, people complained that the reason they lost their ranked matches was because the silenced player could write to them in chat, so they banned them from ranked. And it didn’t suffice, eventually they decided to perma-delete your account with enough silences so you would lose all your progress and any time or money you foolishly invested into the game.

Of course all that was BS. We all know that these days almost no one chats in-game with randoms out of fear of bans. And for the same reason no one talks with voice chat either. And yet we can disable chat entirely and play normally in ranked with no issues at all… I have had my chat disabled for years, after my latest silence. It is hillarious that this is a STRATEGY team-oriented game, and yet almost no one communicates out of fear of the report system. I even decline friend and party requests these days (some times teamates do add me after a match and i decline every time, not risking chat bans again because the next time they will ban my account entirely.

Why that happened? Because some managerial types in Blizzard i presume wanted to “remove toxicity” as a checklist item from their game. You know the type, never played video games in their lives, yet wanting to manage them. They heard that MOBAs have “toxic” communities so they decided to let other players spam reports and ban others from the game… Your healer didn’t pocked heal you and follow you around all-game? Report him for chat. Someone dared to die in minute 1? Report for chat. Someone picked a hero you don’t like? Report for chat. Eventually if they played enough games in a short time period, those reports accumulated and voila: BANNED!

Sadly, there is no fixing this. Managerial types NEVER admit any mistakes (even though it was mostly THEM who ruined this game) so they will never fix it, they will just blame the market or the playerbase or the developers instead…

Welcome to the club! It’s sad but the game is a complete garbage right now.

Matchmaking system + game ruiners made this game the trash it’s right now. It’s disgusting to be honest.

dont expect clever solutions from low inteligence admins