Do you think blizzard tracks this?


So in DOTA you get to see, when you open up a player profile, what playstyle certain players have. Does blizzard track that in hots? If so, why doesn’t matchmaking match players with certain compatible playstyles. Like…put players who only push and never join teamfights together, and put players who like to start 1v5s while you poke or lane and avoid fighting outnumbered because one guy in team is pushing, two guys are taking camp etc. instead of joining for objective, so might as well grab some XP, yes, put those together and so on.

I think blizz does track this and bombs me every time I get on promotion match. Or they use bots to undermine me, I have no other explanation why I was matched with that Jaina that did ~20k or the game where I managed to get top of both hero and siege damage on muradin, with 10 killing blows (and win!). Like…that shouldn’t be possible with Orphea in your team if you ask me.


I’m sure I’m just imagining it but I also feel like if I win too much I’ll get matched with ppl who straight up just leave or go AFK after 1 minute. Often several games in a row. Couple of weeks ago I had a 12 win streak and then I just got 4 games in a row with at least 1 bot, one game I had 2 bots lol. Then a few with ppl being super toxic or doing incredibly dumb things all game.

This isn’t something that has happened once but many many many times :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, I think it’s just bad luck but it hurts when you carry games and win a few even with bad teammates and really are like sweating after the games and then all that gets deleted because some dudes just go afk :smiley:

I just accepted this as another challenge of the game just like I’ve accepted that I need to play like a diamond to climb even though I’m not actually in dia :smiley:


I don’t think you’re imagining this, or we imagine same things…I’ve played this game for years, its always like this. I think its some funk that comes from their mmr system, and I’ve complained and whined about it for years now.
I think the machine AI matchmaking had potential to fix this, but people whined about it and they skrapped it. (Your forums are censoring word scraped because of word crp, gj n00bs)

Blizz, don’t listen to people, just look at brexit, trump or your quick match system. I don’t know which is worse. People are clueless.

On promo match: I had 2 guys trolling, we managed to get their core to 6% when they killed ours, it was that close 3v5

One promo match: I had a kael’thas who trolled because he wanted “no aba”, guy picked aba, last pick he wanted the guy to go butcher, guy picked some other dps, still normal team, he troll afked. We also almost won the game, it was that single troll that stopped me.

then i finally broke the promo curse only to lose 5 games in a row.

then, just now the game (promo) that inspired me to make this post, we had double dc at start, complete mess on first objective when 2 guys walked in (alterac pass) to fight 2v5 whlie I was in lane waiting for Varian and Rehgar to take camp, then they died, then Varian and Rehgar ran in, then they died, then Xul went in alone then he died…chain charging into 5 of enemies 2by2 I wanted to cry why people do this… (I have chat disabled or I get banned when I tell them what I think in games like that) After that first objective, that we ofc lost, Xul just stayed in his lane and let us suffer 4v5 all the time, but Blaze kept going in and madly ping everyone after 2 seconds that took enemy team to kill him.


Im Brutalnot , this my alt account!
Hey read carefuly and think about them long time all mine suggested ideas…

Look so you cant understand all.mine ideas what would cause in game. I can explain to you everything for ever my idea.
This your topic is clue a lot with my ideas.
Not need to tract all these player styles and to be matched players.

I not want this MMR to match me with players wich die over 5 times and espectactly whrn die after 18 lvl, yes,i either die after 18 lvl. And when my win rare is half ( avrage 50% win rate).Sometime is inpossible to survive.
Even can be create such MMR system based of when plauers die after 18 lvl. Why after 18 lvl you would ask me. Because is so important for 1 lose and 1 won game.
Even i can update this my idea about these " Survival lvls".
Your questione is good Zmaj…
Yes, can be work in to be improved this current MMR system avout these different player styles.
If you did read replys where i explain why my ideas would work better. If didnt better do that.

About player wich " cheat AFK" or wich gave up or think is no matter to continue fight…yes, they are right… sometimes…when see what does other hos team mates.
I did suggest new report " Cheat AFK " system. Search and read this part about this idea in my topic.
And for 61617171 times i would.repeat…" Blizzard team…care alot about our proposal ideas wich are posted in all forums( US, EU, reddit).
This mirage why they not care or not.lisent up…is cuases from different problems.
And yes, you are half right about that!.
But they lisent only such ideas wich are smart thought and wich not cuases more problems.
And to now from avarage 2 years…i didnt read many smart thought ideas, yes, exist such ideas,but final decions is in his heads.
That why did try out so many times to adversiting my ideas, even i did start adversiing my ideas in game( is i didnt learn well to now english languege( problem is me). And that this 1 from reason why they locked my topic and other was ,because rage so much to this guy Vision. I really dislike peoples wich are so stupd. Or wich are under my intellect human lvl.
Yes, maybe i either so stup
d about few things.


Guess man what you talkin about it`s impossible.
MMR is global play based on win rate.So if you win many games you will be matched with ppl who have losses in a raw.

But Yes,there is a problem in MMR,on my smurf acc i checked,for now its 3500.Its GM,but I play Silver.I matched with players who have 1300,its low bronze.With 3 players with so low win rate,35 percent,its so hard to win.Against all 5 have around 2k to 2,5k.

My question is,how they are in that rank.?

So if I win any game,my MMR goes up maybe 10 to 30 points max,and if I lose goes down from 100 to 200 points.
For one lose must won 20 games in a raw.

So how i can keep my MMR,or 70 percent win rate from 40 games,if Blizzard wants me to lose guess 15 games,so i can have same points like others,or less.

For sure what I discovered,they can let you to have kind of 20 to 30 games in plus,no matter how much games you played.Then losses going in a raw,same like you woned before.

Guess that is happening only from Diamond to Bronze.
If you are M or GM,just can`t happend.So brings me to one thing what i have heard about,some of Grand Masters and Masters pay for that rank.
Kind a streamers and others.Maybe am wrong,i just heard that.