Does playing rank make you bad at QM?

I have noticed in my QM matches that often those who feeds a lot or has the lowest stats over half the time are either platimum or diamond in rank, is this pure coincidence or does the difference between tactical teamwork in rank and the chaos of QM play style make many ranked players bad when they are thrown into a QM? just a curious observation.

is not that it makes you bad, people playing a lot of QM usually play 2 or 3 heroes forever, which is also my case, since i only enjoy playing 4 or 5 heroes and for ranked youre forced to choose the meta heroes to win actually.

Ranked and QM are 2 entirely different game modes. In my opinion, QM should have NEVER existed in this game. It doesn’t suit it, it is one of the reason this game failed as a proper MOBA.

Why? Because this game is very draft-oriented. Heroes counter other heroes, some heroes have great synergies and other bad synergies, and some heroes prefer some maps over others. Letting everything be random, on top of a faulty MMR algorithm, makes everything garbage. QM is just for training your skillshots, testing new stuff, leveling up heroes, that’s the way it should be used ONLY. Of course the majority of the playerbase plays it and this is a very sad state of affairs.

Why QM exists? Because Blizzard wanted to sell skins. And in order to sell skins, you need to show them to the player in the big screen. You need to have him stare at his hero while waiting for a match, to entice him to pay for a skin, because the top down screen in-game is not as enticing. So they needed a mode where you could pick a hero and play with him.

In reality, unranked draft should have been the primary mode of this game. QM and even ARAM should never have existed. Only unranked, and ranked. Force everyone to play the proper game, or leave. This would make the game more competitive and potentially lead to a larger playerbase.

PS: Another thing to add: On top of being a place to just fool around, in QM oftentimes the match is decided by the matchmaker, not by skill. In drafting modes, especially at ranked high MMR, drafts are generally ok. In QM you can often run into unwinnable situations, no matter the skill. So you can see then even GMs feeding or performing “bad”. And on the other hand, in QM certain heroes and split pushers thrive, for example Sylvanas that do nothing but split push all-day… This doesn’t mean they are good players…