Dont speak russian

dear Russians, if you see chat is using the English language, please respond them with the same language, not some random Russian thing, and if they say to you speak English, please don’t answer it with Russian again, not everyone is familiar with the Russian language, only vodka :slight_smile:


“Good” idea to create this topic on EU forums

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well you know , I once asked them why you are playing in EU server , but they responded in Russian language , so i didn’t understand it.

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where should they play then?And why tf they can’t speak their language?

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do you Know Which continent is Russia on?

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HMMMMMMMMMM…let me think…hmmmm…America 2?

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you humor is almost equal as tragedy.

btw, Russia is on Eurasia if we take 6-continent system. And if we take 7-continent system it is mostly Europe, cause players are mostly from big cities like Moscow/St.Petersburg.
so what you were talking about?

xdd there is Russian forum if you are interested. Expect it is as dead as this one so not sure if it is gonna help.

Not so many people want to play in team with murderers.
Also russians switch from studying English language to Chinese.
So completely unclear why they are still in European region.
Make a separate region for them or move them to a region, that is closer to their mentality.