We are a bunch of friendly and easy going players all based within Europe. If you are a new player, we can help you get the knowledge you need. We dont have any requirements except for being friendly and mature.

Additionally our server is consist of 800+ members and is dedicated for Heroes of the Storm only. We do QuickMatch, Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s and more.

We have also recently implemented a very effective LFG system within the server which has proven to be very useful. Members can easily find others to form a party and play the mode they want. Its been highly praised by everyone.

We have plan to expand upon our LFG systrm to allow our members to form TL teams too. This is a step towards helping those who are trying to become more serious about the competitive side of the game but are in need for a team to do so.

Join our Discord now and start having fun.

Will see you in the Nexus.

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Dont join This discord. Horrible people. Also don’t forget to reban me since your ban has probably worn off by now. You might wanna protect yourself from ppl who give you the real talk from time to time you know ? I was sad that i could not comment anymore for a while, but now that we are back i am even gonna leave a like. I am not that mad anymore but i feel like at this point i am obligated to post this. :kiss::heart:

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Bonjour, je recherche des gens sympas avec qui jouer à HOTS. Add me o/