[EU Server] LF a team, semi-tryhard I guess

Hey there!
LF a more or less fix team, if there’s still any out there…?

About me:
Rank: currently gold (started the game in 2021 at b5, so u know I can learn, acutally I do have regular training sessions
Rolls: started as healer, now focusing on ranged assasins/AA (small hero-pool though, since I want to play them “right”, next step/roll tbd
Time: almost daily evening, till not very late, sometimes also afternoons
Play style: I prefer follow instead of calling the direction, so I can keep an overview of the situation (generally a very good team player

BN Tag Hypatia#2157
DC Hypatia#1040
Looking forward to hearing from u

Hi Hypatia, sent you a msg on BN