[eu] wolflan - recruitment


WolfLAN gaming is a casual and competitive community, and because HotS Pack recently became a full pack within it, we are looking for more people to join it.

What can we offer?
-We host regular gatherings to try and engage our community members, which also gives you a chance to get to know the other members even better.
-Active and friendly members.
-A custom coded website/Discord bot combo.
-We are currently trying to create competitive, official teams.
-We are looking for official coaches, but our best players are happy to help anyone improve their game already.
-Graphics design and anything else that you might need.

What do we want from you?
-A desire to be active in the community.
-You must be over 16 years of age.
-A microphone.
-Be friendly and respectful towards each other.

Since posting links seems bugged, and I don’t know if it’s even allowed, if you want the Discord link, add Mano#4978 on Discord and I’ll send you the link in a direct message.

It’ll be awesome to see you around, feel free to ping Mano if you do hop into the discord chanel! ^^