Feedback for admins

after about 1 week I drop from Platinum1 to silver5.
My last 50 games I loss about 45.
last 50 games I won max 5 gamesbut get about 10-15 mvp’s.
last 50 games got about 10-20 times troll afk or suiciding.
last 50 games got oponents teams 4-5players with 80-100% and after loss -218points.

New accounts with only 30%wr has gold5 or old accounts with 0-10%wr they diamonds. But me 55%wr silver 5 - or bronze after another week.

I can say you admins ready destroyed game well. Its good time to close servers and close this path.etic game.
I wish you thruth everyting whats others players wished me last 50 games. SO I wish you everyting best and i wish you by little bit more intelect than others animals.

Meybe in future microsoft will employe normal ppl not reta.rds like you and then I will back play