Fixing a dying game


World of Warcraft has been going for like 14 years or something, why? because it encourages a community, Hots is dying because there is no sense of community, long wait times for games and absolutely nothing to do in teh mean time in game, so lots of games missed, afkers dropping out of draft, how about you build a 3d environment with things to do, maybe earn some gold out of game, like when you’re in a Queue for 30 mins, could have had a game in that time, 30-50g lost because blizzard cant ever get matchmaking right, how many new players are there? how many old players got better but cant climb out of their ranks? people that started at the start and instead of being banned for exploiting systems they have been able to keep their accounts and remain at the top, the only thing that will fix competitive play is a GLOBAL MMR and RANK HARD reset, start it over again with the new system, if you were a bad player and got carried, well tough luck, u can go to bronze where you belong. Make the playing field level again and let good players get to where they should be.


WoW is so good that I quitted 8 years ago and I’m happy that I’m no longer participating in rats race.
It offers a lot of activities but is too much about grinding and having this superior sword instead of being better player. It also allows fairly bad players to get carried on arenas by players who play great and have (sometimes) superior gear.
WoW lives but does poorly for couple of years now. At some point there were 14million active accounts. But for years Blizzard is quiet about number of active accounts because it decreased despite peoples having better and better internet.


The thing is that while I think HotS could be saved if they had a good leader and good developers, their activision paymasters aren’t willing to invest what it would take. If they did they wouldn’t have let HotS get to the state it’s in.

While there are plenty of good ideas to help HotS improve at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if it would just be cheaper to build a new MOBA from scratch(ish) or even some sort of spin-off or outright sequel and advertise that.

I expect a lot of HotS veterans are very familiar of the management problems that ruined a lot of the game, and while that skepticism might extend to a sequel a sequel would generate more interest and hopefully that benefit of the doubt would be enough to get people playing.

But, honestly, at this point with what they’ve done to WoW I don’t think I’d want to play any online game with an activision component in it, it seems they don’t understand what it takes to make an online game sustainable and they have no compunction against burying a studio as well loved as blizzard simply because it doesn’t reach it’s insane earning standards.


The game is dying (or dead rather) for obvious reasons.

  1. One is bugs that are there since the (at least) beta, like sudden inability to press ready.
  2. Second is matchmaking… a master plays against gold because he has grouped with a bronze. As if nobody thought of making a smurf so that his friend can win all the time.
  3. Third and most annoying one is focus stealing. This game maximised itself 6 times within 1 minute. 4 times on launch, 1 when you found a team, 1 when game started loading and 3 times on game end. Nobody thought of stealing focus when it would actually be useful instead (when you have to block/pick or when the game actually starts…).

Neither of those issues is fixed despite the game trying to connect with telemetry server over 3 million times within an hour!
There is NO WAY whatsoever to report bugs. After hours of searching I was sent to a forum category that does not exist ( Reporting a technical issue allows only for “ask the community” option.
This game was never seriously worked on, it was a simple jump on the moba cash wagon.

  • Also the launcher is a garbage piece of junk, but it’s not only hots related.