Forced 50% winrate for quick match ?


This may be complete paranoia and misplaced blame, but quick match matchmaking feels as though it forces wins or losses by matching you in very unfair or one sided games, much more frequently than the more tolerable, fair matches. This got so stressful and frustrating that I even left my quick match early for the first time in months because it felt so one sided and I just got fed up with it.

When I queue up for a match, I often play on quick match because it means I can 100% play who I want at that moment in time. This is mainly why I don’t play unranked or SL, since it requires you to play either a meta hero, or a hero which your team most direly needs, whether you feel as though it will be un-fun or not. Plus, SL has the consequences of losing at hand, therefore meaning I’ll have even less fun if my ‘bad luck’ takes part in everything.

So, I stick to quick match. Sure you could say all those excuses like ‘its quick match, what do you expect’ or ‘its meant to be wild and unpredictable’, but I believe that a fair match should not be sacrificed for ‘wild’ matches and unlikely team compositions. Hell, I queue up as a healer since it provides bonus exp, but it still goes to ‘expanding quick match search’, which basically translates to ‘You better not queue up now, the match you are about to enter is going to be more unbalanced than it could be’. Of course this is probably due to multiple other conditions at play, so I’m not really complaining about that.

My main concern is that when I win, most commonly the match feels one sided, with our team obliterating the opposition, and them only taking down a couple of forts in the process. When I lose, it feels as though nothing I do makes an impact, and team fights seem determined before they even start; don’t get me started on the SDing allies too.

I often get into 3, 4, or even 5 match losing streaks which totally drains the life out of me, sucking all fun from the game since all of them feel exactly the same: we stand next to no real chance, and even one or two of us unanimously agree it ‘isnt our game’ since definitely more than I have this same feeling of matchmaking.
When I win a match, or start a 2 match win streak, I have even begun to apologise to my team for such, since more commonly than not, the match after a victory is completely favoured for the enemy team.

I’m not a developer, I don’t know fully how this works. It just feels as though the game punishes you for winning, and beats you down all the more when you lose. It’s an unending upward battle just to get that one great game where our actions seem to make an impact, and the fights seem fairly even.

Maybe it’s just me, but it is definitely an issue that I’m getting tired of.


Forced 50% is real. When data mined by Blizz it looks like everything is ‘working as intended’.
Problem is the experience of playing under such a regime is terrible. You win a few and your team will get worse and worse including stacking it with disconnectors.
If Blizz did not have this system you would move to a group of players at your skill level more quickly and then win roughly 50% of the time. Difference is you would feel like the games were legitimate results.
The top players are winning only around 60% of the time which is why moving in SL is extremely painful. Takes 100’s of games to make any progress at all. No other video game or competition of any sort in the world sees the best of the best winning 60% of the time.


They are using telemetry for a long time.Would say since SC2 and WoW arena days from back in 2010.And it was something i kept referencing back in the Heartstone forums.It’s a forced 50-55% win rate hidden well behind some “rng” as the people who dont want to see it, a system they’ev been using in slooth matchines (your win streak in heartstone gets cut for example,or you cant have a big win streaks in WoW arenas) …to main point is that you have to grind your way in.

And yes in hots its mind blowing apperent,out of 253 games i got 127 won.


And this is why we need to stop playing blizzard games.




You are really clueless arent you. HOTS is MUCH, MUCH easier to carry than LOL as an example. And any good player will win more than 60% if they are below their true MMR.

I went from Silver 5 to Diamond 5 with around 70% winrate when tryharding on my FIRST EVER hots account, not even smurfing.

Basically, all you said is wrong. GG.


The key to remember is that marginal games make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Lets say you play 10 games and go 5-5. Its 50% winrate so you may be pissed off but in reality at least one of these losses would be winnable, that one play where you died or missed a skillshot to secure a kill could have been the deciding factor.

Winning just 1 out of 5 lost games suddenly results in 6-4 aka 60% winrate, which propels to higher ranking.

In summary - focus on where you could have won. There will always be unwinnable games and many unlosable as well. Its the few marginal games that define the difference between amazing player with 70% winrate and average one with 50%.


Well, that’s a nice opinion, but it very very well known that it’s easier to carry in LoL then HoTs. I mean, that is why LoL players are celebrities, they dominate, a lot, consistently.

HoTs is a team based game. You might think you are carrying, but every high level player knows games are 30/30/40 that you can’t lose/can’t win/and it could go either way.

You might get to 70 perecnt win rate if you start a new account, and place in bronze, . . . but you aren’t doing that after several games at higher lvls, or any lvl for that matter.

I do like your logic though: your experience is slightly different, so “everything” the OP said is wrong.

WHAT wait, you posted right after being rude to explain how it really works, confirming what the OP said? I don’t get you, but it’s funny, lol.


I saw a lot of accounts with 45% WR or less,what you have to say to them?
They don`t have luck…

Just try one hero you really know to play,hit 100 games and see how works.

As you know players try hero in League=bad winrate

Kelthuzad is powerfull hero,in League I met a tons of them who continue playin him,btw have 40% WR on over 150 games,why???/
-And guy said,that is my best character…


Yes exactly. 30% of games you cant lose, 30% cant win which basically means you can get 70% winrate when playing right.

Its not opinion about HOTS being much easier to carry. Its factual, I was high diamond / masters in LOL (top 0.1% ELO) so I know that game well enough. In HOTS I had over 65% winrate from silver 5 to diamond while totally new to the game. Over 65% in around 220 games. In LOL I couldnt do that even just on a new champion even for my roles yet alone as a different role, while being top 0.1% on my main champs.

LOL gives the ILLUSION that you can carry because when you are fed you can hard carry. While thats true, it also means when your team feeds the game snowballs the other way. How often do you win a LOL game where the enemy ADC gets 4 kills in first 5 min? Not often. In HOTS 0-4 is 10x easier to overcome since it doesnt snowball the enemy into heavens.

Top players dont really matter, they are 0.001% of the community and hence their ability to hard carry doesnt mean it is easier.


Master league 10 wins in a row solo que
10 loses in a row no matter waht you do …

And the cycle continues everyday. SO THANX BLIZARD


Well ofcourse its a forced 50%. Otherwise theres people with 70-90% winrate and people with goddamn 5% its there to offer wins when you might not really deserve it.
It keeps everything sort of balanced so that everyone looses a bit and everyone wins a bit just to keep up the illusion that youre doing okay, and have a chance.


The forced losses and absolute shi…te skill level some people have that you get paired with should piss you off but its unavoidable.
Just imagine the outrage if people were genuinely allowed to loose 170 games in a row.
I tend to start a season wityh 60-65% winrate but after i guess 150 it evens out to about 53% pretty much no matter what i play and thats fine for me although if i played rank more i wouldnt really move up on the ladder with 53%. In QM even if i stick to a character i know well i quickly endup with people who didnt play for 9 months, dont know how maps work or dont know how anything really work and you have a limit to how much xp,kill,damage,objective carry you can do.
Just pray you didnt pick a healer for that match as it is really disheartening to watch some people underperform, die and be general healing sponges and still complain about healing.


Just as a summary, how many people here were at least Diamond in League of Legend? So many seem to have absolutely no idea about LoL yet post despite probs being bronze 9 in LOL terms.


50% forced win is actually in almost every game. Look at League of legends, same thing. You start winning hard and after that you get around 10+ games lost. Having over 50% winrate? Be ready to face low players who get high ping, afk/troll, disconnect in middle of match and curse each other.

Yeah that happens in every game. It’s made so that you have to spend more time ranking.


And i have a forced 65-70% winrate on Samuro in all gamemodes.


When you win games in a row that causes your mmr to rise. When your mmr rises you also meet people with higher mmr(=better players). When you are playing at higher skilled games you start to lose more since you are finding your own skill level. It is not forced 50% winrate but you will end up at mmr which matches your skill.

If you improve you may rise your mmr a bit and then again go for 50-50. This will repeat a circle as in learning process


This is called “modern pro sport”. In the old days of League of Legends there was no such thing as teamplay - everyone could penta kill enemy team ALONE. Your skill was the only thing that mattered. I was not that good player, since never played DOTA before LOL, but even being unprepared newbie i had 82% winrate. Not 72, no 62, but 82. And boy, that was super joyful 2 years of my life. Ending match with 50-70 kills in moba game, mmm, tasty! Then devs started nerfing heroes, stun durations got reduced from 3-5 seconds to 1,5-2 and later to 0,5-0,75. Damage got nerfed by few times and “teamplay” was slowly implemented, where single person can’t do a thing.

Unfortunately, HOTS started with teamplay in it’s core, so it was never a good game to begin with. Here i have, like what, 56% winrate? OR 61%? This is crаppy no matter how i look at it. That is not representing my skill, because i can win over 90% times with all experience accumulated over years of gaming.

Blizzard have admitted few times that they like 50% forced system and it works just as it was designed. The only way to bypass that forced rule and get 70-80% winrate in HOTS right now is to play ONLY aram matches where there is no matchmaking at all and everything random. Too bad most players using mode to try new heroes or get chests, so mostly afk / drunk / not taking it seriously.


I have never seen Blizz saying about this forced 50% thingy, can you link that?

From my exp there is no forced 50 % winrate. You can have very high winrate when you climb up ranks and when you get to the rank you belong to, your winrate gets closer to 50 %. This is because its accurate considering your rank and skill level


There was a trollpost about that about 6-12 months ago that was edited, or he’s talking about them talking about their matchmaking that aims for both teams to have 45-55% chance of winning, matching by skill.

So not forced rly, if the system is wrong about your skill your team has a higher chance of winning than the average of 50%.