Full premade lvl 2500+ vs full randoms lvl 100-300




I can think about how was end but nevermind.

Maybe you don`t check profiles after game against who you played or with who.
Most of that accounts 2000+lvl are Silver,yesterday I played with 2700lvl dude playin TB Barian and I checked at end,he is Bronze,ofc died like 10 times.

Other day I was only 19 lvl all others 600+,check on accounts my team two Golds,Plat and Silver against two Masters and some Silver and randoms.We won that match,after I lose a game against full Bronze team.
Level doesn`t mean anything at all almost rank neither.

Bigger problem is Hero MM.


You learn the best by facing greater challenge :smiley:

Anyway, be glad that the game found some match at all :smiley:


It still can find matches?.. x)

I know, we joke around, but not looking really good.


Maybe you are just unlucky I have fast ques on my games every one minute.


Its “normal” for this current version…dont expect something different…
Just think what will happen if game is like my game version…

With my version…such premade friends will be alloed to creat groups only with deference " Survive lvls" and will be matched only vs same “Survive lvl”!!!
Say now isnt my ideas are better than this current game version?!
Even HoTS devs team cant get smart decides in serias for such ideas. That mean they are stup*d.
That why i stoped play.
Problem is in this half trash EU young peoples…wich dont care or ignore such high gamer xp peoplese like me or not read often eu forum.
Even i did adversiting my ideas about 2 mouths in general chat…and do you know what happened.?!..they just dont care or ignore my try out to help on the game!.
Just check out how.many replys i have in my topic!!
True speak itself!!
“Where go high intellected smart young EU peoples?!”…
Our human race is half trash!


Why yu dont meik yor oun geim?
Yu ar smart eenaf for death am ai raith


Account level does not mean they are the best, some of the worst players in this game are level 2000+ AI grinders who venture into Quick Match a few times a month.

Rank and MMR are much better indicators of skill. I much rather have a level 175 teammate who is rated GM#195 than a level 1175 player who is rated Silver 4.

Some people just never get better at the game even after playing 5000+ matches. Others perfect the game down to an art in 300 matches and get on the GM leaderboard.