Furious about broken Ranking system

For the 1st time ever I have an opportunity to start new season on the 1st day. I thought it would be fun to get beyond Gold.
2 wins, 1 loss - I’m bronze 5. Question is WTH? It could mean my performance was under all possible standards. Which is not.
For example, my last match’s stats are:
Account Exp - 207k
Rank points - 66

Siege dmg - 135k (top 2)
Hero dmg - 116k (top 3)
Exp - 19k (top 3)
And I get 66 Rank points. I would need to have approximately 16 WINS (no losses are allowed) just to finish 1 level of Bronze 5 to get to level 4.
How much time do I need to invest just to get to Gold? What kind of system is that? Any defeat punishes you with no mercy reducing points but when there was a good fight with a victory you get a barely tangible advance.

No wonder boring League of legends is more popular. Is it really that difficult to fix things? I’ve been playing HOTS for years and since the very beginning people were complaining that devs don’t care.

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