Game Bug caused me to lose rank points


I started queuing for ranked and as it was queuing I changed my mind and clicked on the ‘Quick Match’ tab. Coincidentally the moment I clicked the tab my ranked game semi loaded. I use the term semi loaded as although it had entered me into a draft text chat my screen was showing me a quick match loading screen with what I presume were the pre-selections of my draft game team mates. Not knowing what to do I frantically pointed out in the draft chat that my game was bugged although no reply. I immediately took a screenshot featuring the bugged loading screen of which I still have saved. After a few minutes of this I right clicked on the heroes of the storm tab and clicked close tab although it should be noted that I was NOT asked if I wanted to proceed or warned of penalty which typically would come up if I wanted to close the game. Instead the game simply immediately closed down. After I reloaded the game I found that I had lost the standard 600 rank points for missing the draft and was due for a demotion game. This is extremely demoralising as this was not an issue on my part but in fact due to a bug.

Is there any way I can get them back? Is this normal?


Greetings TheOne,
please have a look at my answer here. Cheers! :wink: