Game Communication Is Dead


Because everyone is afraid that their account will be banned because of “toxicity”. Well done, support team, you are doing your job almost as good as USSR did. Culling down already little player base. Looks like they want to finish off the game.


This is player base fault…they did add voice chat…and almost none use it or about 90% .
And you cant uderstand one fact.
When peoples do not talk are high focused in game.
And for this fact im half right…i know that very well.
I can assure you for that and proof.
I use only voice chat and during draft phase
use tape chat.


But USSR had become one of the most powerful country in the world.


Completely agree with OP . First , the automated system gives great opportunity to people to abuse it and report for any said word , anything . If you ppl noticed , if someone didnt said anything during a game and u click report for abusive chat , nothing happens . It requires person to say any word no matter what , then report is sent .
Second ,the punishes are way harsher now - 3 days silence ,7 days silence i think third was 10 days silence and then suspension for some time , and the fourth is perma ban if im not mistaken.
All of this is caused by their broken unfair system . People especially older acc ones are rightfully affraid of not losing their acc which was build up for years .
And in a so heavy team oriented game like Hots , lack of communication is gamebreakingly crucial .

Disclaimer : ye the toxic creatures have to be punished ofc .The point was a good amount of not guilty human beings also fly through the window as well ,and some never return too.