Game ruiners supported by Blizzard

A simple problem without a solution!
They can quit, they can feed, they can stay afk, they can ruin a match, they can play solo, etc, etc, and nothing will ever happen.
But if you dare to write anything, you get silenced and can have your acc banned, fantastic!
A game that should be competitive, people can’t communicate, the matchmaking is rigged (should be fair in a competitive game).
People become toxic thanks to Blizzard, no support for good players, only for those who are a complete shame!

Do you understand that this game died a long time ago and practically the only thing the developers do is keep the servers open? In any of the modes, this game should not be taken seriously for a long time.
They just don’t care, and bans in ALL their games have been coming for a long time just because of the number of reports.